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Rossmoor Homeowners Association - Serving Rossmoor Residents since 1957
Rossmoor Homeowners Association – Serving Rossmoor Residents since 1957

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA) invites you to join us and help support Our Rossmoor.

Rossmoor was developed between 1955 and 1961 as the vision of Ross Cortese. For more than a half-century, Rossmoor has been and continues to be a great place to live for residents of all ages. This Rossmoor ambiance did not just happen. It was Cortese’s vision: a community where families would live, shop, work, play, go to school, and retire. Our Rossmoor continues to follow in this vision through the continued efforts of its residents who are willing to get involved in our community and to contribute their time and resources for the betterment of all.

I’m ready to support the Our Rossmoor and all the RHA does for our neighborhood

The RHA,  a part of Rossmoor since its inception in the late 1950s, provides an opportunity for residents to contribute to the quality of life in the community. The RHA acts as the voice and advocate for all matters important to Rossmoor residents. In providing these functions, the RHA works with the organizations that provide services to Rossmoor. These organizations include the Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD), various County departments/agencies (Public Works, OC Sheriff’s Department, etc.), the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and the County Supervisor for the 1st District.

The RHA functions through a number of committees including:

The RHA also sponsors and organizes events intended to develop community spirit including the

A strong RHA is needed to preserve Our Rossmoor.

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA) is a non-profit, voluntary homeowners association, dedicated to providing civic service to Our Rossmoor community, its homeowners, and residents. The Association’s objectives include but are not limited to the following:

  • Represent homeowners and residents in the protection of property interests
  • Maintain community values through unified action
  • Organize and manage community service projects and events
  • Maintain an active organization to inform our residents about any local, municipal, county or state legislative body whose actions can affect the rights of homeowners, residents, and the community
  • Maintain a non-sectarian and non-partisan approach toward the formulation of policies and resolution of problems
  • Attend meetings of Boards, committees, local governmental bodies and other organizations in order that association members may be informed of the actions of those bodies
  • Communicate with and elicit input from the community via our community meetings, talking with our neighbors, our web properties, social media, email, town hall meetings, surveys, newsletters, and other appropriate methods.

RHA activities are funded entirely by member dues and funds collected from our sponsoring organizations. Of course, as an all-volunteer organization, the RHA  relies on Rossmoor residents to help staff these events and activities.

WOW the RHA is worth being a part of – How do I join?

We know you’re busy – we all are.

To help you out, we have created a list of ways you can get involved with your neighborhood at the time commitment level you are able to handle. Many of these items take NO TIME at all, some are one-time commitments, and others will take a few hours each month. Take care of the no real time commitment items first, then you can decide how much keeping your neighborhood safety and atmosphere in place is worth to you.

Get Involved: No Large Time Commitment

We suggest if you do nothing else, if you haven’t already, do these three things that take almost no time at all:

  1. Find out who your Neighborhood Watch Block Captain is and give them your contact information. This is a vital link in keeping our neighborhood safe and peaceful. There’s nothing to “do” other than staying alert and reporting any suspicious activities to the Sheriff’s Department.
  2. Sign up for the RHA eNews here. This periodic email newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the activities and events that are important to our Rossmoor residents including freeway construction, emergency preparedness, policies and legislation specifically affecting Rossmoor, and town hall meetings that help keep us all informed.
  3. Join the RHA. The RHA, its events, and its services are mostly funded through membership. Your annual dues help us keep our programs in place and our wonderful neighborhood a safe and fun place to live. You can get the details here.

Get Involved: A One Time Commitment

The RHA participates in annual events like the summer Rossmoor Festivals, the Graduation Celebration Parade, the Christmas Lights Celebration, the annual Fiction Writing Contest, and numerous other contests throughout the year.  These are all opportunities to get involved with your community with just a day of event-type commitment or an hour or two a couple of times during the “season.” Let us know your interest by contacting us here, or you can contact a board member who is part of the team.

Get Involved: A few hours each month

The RHA has a few standing committees that meet as needed to complete their assigned tasks. The time commitment will vary from month to month and can take as little as no time and as much as a few hours each month. Generally, the committee members are interested in the topic and would likely follow the activity even if they were not part of it.


Let me think about volunteering my time, but I’m ready to support the RHA

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