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Our Rossmoor FAQ

From time to time we get questions from residents and visitors to our site and while we love to get back with people, we also know getting the information you need when you need it is important as well. So, we have answered the most frequently asked question below. If you have a question that is not covered here, please do let us know here on our contact page. 

Parkway Trees and Downed Branches

If you have a question about your parkway tree, please call the Community Services District’s arborist, Mary Kingman at 562.430.3707 x106.

If a tree or branches have fallen, please call the RCSD at 562.430.3707 x100 during normal business hours or after hours, please call OC Public Works at  (714) 955-0200.


Mosquitoes in Rossmoor

Of course, there are mosquitoes in Rossmoor, just like almost everywhere else.

There’s no news there.

However, if you want to reduce them in and around your home and block, there are a number of things that you CAN do to fight the little bloodsuckers.

First, start with your yard. Complete the OC Mosquito and Vector Control District’s Home Inspection Checklist. It will help you see where mosquitos may be breeding at your house.

Once your yard is safe, start looking at the gutters around your block. Is there standing water in them? Mosquitoes take 4-5 days to go from eggs to full-on bloodsuckers. If you see water puddling, then use a broom or other method to spread out the water and help it evaporate. If standing water is a persistent problem, please share your observations with OC Public Works here on their portal. Click on Service Requests and then “Sidewalk/Curb & Gutter” and complete the submission process. If you have photos of the standing water, please share them as well.

If you see standing water in our flood control channels, please share your observations with OC Public Works here on their portal. Click on Service Requests and then “Trash/Debris/Vegetation” and complete the submission process. If you have photos of the stagnant water, please share them as well.

Additionally, you can always call (714-971-2421) or email ocvcd@ocvector.org Orange County Mosquito & Vector Control District and let them know as well.

Pets In Rossmoor

Orange County Animal Care sets and enforces the animal regulation in Rossmoor. A summary of the rules like all dogs over 4 months of age must be licensed and if you have more than three cats or three dogs you must have a county permit can be found here on their website.

For additional information about pets in Rossmoor, please see our pets page


What is “Nextdoor Rossmoor”? / How do I learn more about Nextdoor Rossmoor?

Rossmoor residents can join the private Nextdoor Rossmoor site to share information, including neighborhood public safety issues, community events and activities, items for sale/free, local service recommendations, and even lost pets. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will be able to post information, such as safety tips and crime alerts, to the site as well.

Nextdoor Rossmoor is free for residents to join. Each neighborhood has its own private Nextdoor neighborhood website, accessible only to residents who verify that they live in the neighborhood. Neighborhoods establish and self-manage their own Nextdoor websites.

The type and amount of information you choose to share on Nextdoor is in your control. Neither the Rossmoor Homeowners Association (RHA) nor the Sheriff’s Department can access any information that you don’t share. Information shared on Nextdoor is password protected and cannot be accessed by search engines. You do need to have a Rossmoor street address to be part of Nextdoor Rossmoor. This is the Nextdoor company policy.

Nextdoor Rossmoor is not affilated or run by either the RHA or RCSD. It is a privately own and operated website.

If you want to know more about Nextdoor Rossmoor or join, please go to the Nextdoor Rossmoor site.

Who are the emergency contacts for Rossmoor?

Not surprisingly we get this question a lot from new Rossmoor residents. Beyond 911, who do I call for XXX.

We have you covered with our Helpful Community Contacts page where you will find the phone numbers and websites for our major utilities, police, fire, and other local agencies.

What is the speed limit in Rossmoor?

The speed limit on most of Rossmoor’s streets is 25 MPH.

However, Rossmoor is filled with kids of all ages and awareness. Use good caution and keep alert when driving our streets.

Also, the Rossmoor tract layout has dozens of uncontrolled intersections. Please use caution and reduce your speed to 15 MPH as recommended by the CHP when approaching these intersections.

Let’s keep everyone safe.

What are the Street Sweeping Days/Parking Restrictions?

Streetsweeping Inourhands | Ourrossmoor
Rossmoor Street Sweeping – It’S In Our Hands To Protect Our Environment

In 2022, the street sweeping parking restrictions were changed and updated. Please see this page for details. Parking citations for violating these parking regulations can be issued by the Sheriff’s Department or the California Highway Patrol.

Neither the RHA nor the RCSD has any control over when or if parking citations are issued in the tract. The parking regulation signs are posted at each entrance to the tract and have been deemed sufficient notification for the citations by the Orange County courts. At times no tickets are issued and during some periods, especially when mosquitoes are prevalent, enforcement is much more aggressive.

There are 63 curb miles in Rossmoor and multiple sweeper routes are in place to serve our community. them (more routes are added during the fall when there are more leaves cluttering the streets). The Sheriff’s department does not deploy enforcement officers on each route. The only exempt vehicles, by code, are utility, commercial, and construction vehicles.


For a more detailed background on the Rossmoor Sweeper Story, please read here

Where do I report potholes and cracks in Rossmoor Streets?

Since Rossmoor is an unincorporated area in Orange County, the County paves and maintains the streets within our neighborhood.

If you notice a crack or pothole on a Rossmoor street, you may submit a service request or contact the Operations & Maintenance office at 714-955-0200. An Inspector should be sent to inspect the area and then schedule a crew to make the necessary repairs as needed.

Street Light Outages / Park Lighting Outages

Report burned out or malfunctioning street lights on your block to Southern California Edison. Report Rush Park or Rossmoor Park burned out lights to the Rossmoor Community Services District at 562.430.3707 x105. Replacing burned out or malfunctioning lights increases neighborhood security.

What are the parking restrictions in Rossmoor?

Here’s a summary of the County codes regarding parking on streets:

Parking on Rossmoor streets is restricted for Street Sweeping. Please see the details here for days and times. Parking citations are issued by the Orange county Sheriff’s Department.

72-hour law – No vehicle may be parked on a County street for more than 72 hours at a time.
Unattached trailers, boats, or non-motorized vehicles, regardless of length or width, may not be parked on the street, except to load or unload, and then only for 2 hours. This code section is enforced by the OCSD and violations can be reported by calling  714-647-7000

25-foot law* – No motor vehicle longer than 25 feet may park on the street, except while loading and unloading. This code section is enforced by the OCSD and violations can be reported by calling  714-647-7000

Portable sports devices – Basketball hoops, skateboard ramps, and other portable sports devices are not to be placed on county roads (Rossmoor streets) without a permit from OC Road Department. These items are subject to tickets by OC Code Enforcement and confiscation for repeated failure to remove.

* Note that motorized vehicles with trailers or boats attached often exceed 25 feet in length. Besides being illegal, these situations often present a potential hazard since they may block a view of the street, particularly when nearby residents are entering or exiting their driveways.

Prescription Drug Disposal / Drug Take Back

The Take-Back days in our area are generally offered by the OC Sheriff’s Department and DEA once a year, typically in October or November.

If you have prescription drugs that you no longer need or have expired, the LA Sheriff’s  Department in Lakewood (5130 Clark Ave, just north of Del Amo) has three bins that are open 24 hours to the right of their front door. One bin is for prescription drugs, one is for sharps for diabetics and others, the last bin is for illegal drugs.

My Parkway Tree needs trimming/replacement

Parkway Trees are maintained by the County through the RCSD. If your parkway tree needs trimming, is diseased, or has died, please call the RCSD office 562-430-3707 and ask to speak with Mary Kingman or email her directly  mkingman@rossmoor-csd.org.

Are there parks in Rossmoor? / How do I reserve park facilities?

Yes, there are two large parks, Rossmoor Park (3232 Hedwig Road) and Rush Park (3021 Blume Drive) and two mini parks. We also have a meeting facility, the Montecito Center (12341 Montecito Drive) All of our parks are administered and maintained by the Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD).

Rooms, picnic canopies/areas, and fields can be reserved for celebrations, wedding receptions, and events by contacting the RCSD, here




Local Parks & Recreation Information

Parks & Recreation

RCSD – Rossmoor Community Services District

Our first go to for parks and recreation (both programs and facilities) is of course the RCSD. The Rossmoor Community Services District maintains all of the parks and public facilities within Rossmoor. If you want o reserve a covered picnic area or an entire field for your family or group, the RCSD is the place to go. You can see a list of all the facilities and programs on their website here

City of Los Alamitos

The Los Alamitos Community Center is located at 10911 Oak Street, just behind the Los Al Police Department (3201 Katella Avenue) and City Hall (3191 Katella Avenue). The Community Center is where the city’s Parks and Recreation Department is also located. You can find out more about their programs and facilities here on their website.

City of Seal Beach

The City of Seal Beach (211 Eighth Street, Seal Beach) has an extensive parks and recreation program and a number of facilities that can be rented by families and groups. The Montecito Center near the Los Alamitos-Rossmoor Library is one of these facilities that can be rented.  You can get all the details here  on their website.

How can I reserve park facilities (buildings, tennis courts, sport fields, etc.)

The parks and facilities in Rossmoor are administered by the Rossmoor Community Services District or RCSD. Reservations can be made through the RCSD office and cost details and requirements can be found on their website

How do I find out who owns/lives in a Rossmoor home?

The best way to find out who your neighbor is would be to knock on their door and introduce yourself.

If you are looking to contact the legal owner of the property, you can go to the County and research the property information in the treasurer’s office.

Property owner information is not available online per CA Gov Code §6254.21.

The RHA does not share owner/resident information with outside agencies or individuals based on our privacy policy.

Active Senior Rossmoor in Walnut Creek CA

Every once and a while we are contacted by someone looking for the Rossmoor in the City of Walnut Creek in Northern California.

It’s an easy mistake to make as Ross Cortese build both areas and modeled the Rossmoor in Walnut Creek after his very successful “Rossmoor Leisure World” in Seal Beach.

If you would like to contact the Walnut Creek Rossmoor, you can do so here or by mail, fax, email, or phone:

Rossmoor Walnut Creek
1001 Golden Rain Rd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Phone: (925) 988-7700
Fax: (925) 947-0531
Email: info@rossmoor.com

What are the Construction Noise Regulations in Rossmoor?

Construction noise is regulated by Section 6 of the Orange County Municipal code
The code can basically be summarized as:
Noise sources associated with construction, repair, remodeling, or grading of any real property are exempt from standard noise levels, provided said activities do not take place between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. on weekdays, including Saturday, or at any time on Sunday or a Federal holiday.
If construction activities are generate excessive noise near your home outside of these times, you can the OC Sheriff’s Department (714.647.7000) and request noise enforcement. The good news about construction here in Rossmoor is that it’s temporary. Slowing progress via noise complaints may not be exactly what you want to do.

Where do I get permits and building inspections?

Rossmoor is an unincorporated area within Orange County. The County issues all building permits and conducts all building/permit inspections for homes and businesses in Rossmoor.
Additional details can be found on our Community Services page.

Where can I get an HOA Cert?

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association is not a traditional HOA that governs the CC&Rs in an community.

The single family homes in Rossmoor are not subject to any CC&Rs only to the Orange County building, zoning, and health and safety codes.

Building Code/Permit Questions for Rossmoor Homes, Town Houses & Rossmoor Park Condominiums

Rossmoor is a funny place. As an unincorporated area in Orange County, the County is the governmental agency that regulates building permits and regulations.  Said another way, for single family homes in Rossmoor the only building restrictions or other items typically covered by CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) of an HOA (home owners association) are monitored and regulated  by the Orange County building codes and enforcement department.

The Rossmoor Town Houses (addresses at 12100 Montecito or 3342 Bradbury) are a part of Rossmoor, and any modifications have to meet or exceed the same County standards, plus any Rossmoor Town House Association requirements. The Town Home Association Board should be able to answer any building or remolding questions for you. The Town Houses facilities management is handled by Huntington West Property Management at 714.891.1522.

If your property is part of the Rossmoor Park condos (addresses at 12200 Montecito), they are part of the City of Seal Beach. The Rossmoor Park Condo Association  562.598.7085 should be able to answer any questions you may have about modifications there.

When is my Trash Collection Day & What’s the Holiday Collection Schedule?

The trash collection in Rossmoor is handled by CR&R Waste and Recycling Services. For specific pick-up information, you can call them at 800.826.9677 or 714.372.8272. You can also visit their website for more details.
That said, generally speaking, trash pick-up after a holiday is generally delayed by one day. So if your regular pick-up day is Tuesday, you can expect to have your trash picked up on Wednesday.

Hazardous Waste Recycle/Disposal Locations

The County has 4 facilities that will properly dispose of your hazardous waste items. Please see the details here.

Garbage Can Regulations

Yes, there are rules for everything. Including how long our trash cans are allowed to be on the street. Pretty amazing, but it’s true.

So with regard to matter of trash cans placed at the street for pick up, please refer to the Orange County Code of Ordinances Sec. 4-3-45:

Solid Waste Removal

(d) Residential solid waste containers shall be placed adjacent to the public highway, or curb thereon, not earlier than twenty-four (24) hours before collection is scheduled and removed therefrom not later than twenty-four (24) hours after collection.

If you have a neighbor who is leaving their cans in the street on a consistent basis, it in some way bothers you, AND you have talked with them about it (conversation is ALWAYS the best way to deal with neighbor issues), then you can contact the County Code Enforcement/Neighborhood Preservation team. Make them aware of the situation that you are experiencing and they will address it with your neighbor.

If you have a concern you’d like to report, please submit a service request at myOCeServices.ocgov.com. For garbage cans, select “Property Violation” and then “Garbage Cans”

Utility Pole Questions (vines growing on/trees covering/wiring loose)

The utility poles that run behind the homes in Rossmoor are the property of Southern California Edison and their electric lines run across the top of the poles. The lines that are closer to the ground are owned by Spectrum (formerly Time Warner cable) and Frontier Communications (formerly Verizon or GTE depending on how long you’ve lived here).

If vines or other vegetation are growing on or encroaching on the poles or the lines, please contact the utility company whose lines are being effected. The phone numbers are listed on our Community Contacts page

If you suspect power lines are down, STAY AWAY from them and please call 911 or Edison to report them


Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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