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At $40* ($36 if paying online) per household per year, the annual RHA dues are already the best buy in town.

Our Rossmoor Homeowners Association functions through its Volunteers. These are residents of Rossmoor and surrounding communities who care about our community and give service to the neighborhood as others have done for more than 65 years.

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Even though our volunteers donate their time, there are costs for materials, building rent, printing, mailing, membership fees, and various administrative expenses.

Then of course there’s the curb address painting for every home in Rossmoor, the community events, contests, parades, and celebrations that the RHA organizes for the community. These costs are funded with your annual membership dues and contributions from our community partners.

We are a membership-funded organization. We DO NOT receive
any funds from property taxes, assessments, or the county.

So, as far as value goes, your dues go a long way toward keeping Our Rossmoor the kind of community we all enjoy.

It’s your move – join today and belong to the neighborhood where you live.

Complete the form below to get started (while registering online is the most effective way to join, you can always print and mail the application with your check*):


*Due to the time savings and reduced costs of online processing, we extend a $4.00 discount to our members who signup online.

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