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Our Rossmoor is the official print publication of the Rossmoor Homeowners Association. Originally, back in 1957, the newsletter was called the Rossmoor Signature News and was hand-typed and printed, and mailed as a letter to members of the Association each month. Since that time it has been published in varying formats and frequencies, but its purpose has always been the same: to keep Rossmoor residents informed.

Today, Our Rossmoor is an annual publication recapping the previous year’s activities with feature stories on everything Rossmoor: fun events (celebrations, festivals, scholarship & writing contests, etc.), important neighborhood topics and issues, and of course our regular topical columns. We moved to an annual issue to reduce our printing and mailing costs and to do our part in reducing waste and protecting our environment. Our Association has a small carbon footprint by design and eliminating three printed magazines each year reduces it further.

Online Articles – A great way to keep Our Rossmoor neighborhood in touch.

With most people now receiving their news and information online, we are publishing more articles and stories on our website, giving us two additional advantages. First, the stories and articles can be published more frequently and while a print publication has space limits, there are effectively none for our site. We can publish more photos and include videos that a print magazine just cannot support.

If you’d like to contribute a story or interesting tidbit for this Our Rossmoor website, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here and share your thoughts. Who knows, you could be recognized as one of our writers.


Welcome Back To School Faculty &Amp;Amp; Staff Lunches 2023 School Grab n Go Lunches - Friday (10/6) was the last of our annual Grab-n-Go Lunches for our 4 Rossmoor elementary schools, which is one of our favorite times of the year. All too often, we forget that cars, congestion, delays, etcetera, only happen because of everything we have that is great — schools, administrators who put their all into everything […]
Rha Nominations For 2023 2025 Are Open! RHA 2023-2025 Director Elections - Nominations for the RHA 2023-2025 Director elections are now open. Please complete the short application to let us know if you are interested in joining the RHA Board for a two-year term starting July 1st. The nomination deadline is April 7th. Our Nominating Committee (Frank Facey, Marian Last & Jody Roubanis) will contact you and verify […]
Our Rossmoor 2022 Year End Magazine Our Rossmoor 2022 - Our annual Our Rossmoor Magazine for 2022 helps us celebrate 65 years as a community. Since 1957 Rossmoor has been a great place to live, and we see great things ahead for the next 65 years. Join us on our look back and look forward to the coming years. The best thing about Rossmoor has […]
Join The Rossmoor Homeowners Association - Support Our Rossmoor It’s Time To Renew… - With the holidays fast approaching, most people start to reflect back on the past year and begin making plans for the next. Many use the time between Christmas and New Year’s to make specific plans for the new year. Some call these plan resolutions and others call them things they want to do or accomplish. […]
Rha Nominations For 2022 2024 Are Open! RHA 2022-2024 Director Elections - Nominations for RHA Board of Directors elections are now open. Please complete the short application to let us know if you are interested in joining the RHA Board for a two-year term starting July 1st. The nomination deadline is April 7th. Our Nominating Committee (Jo Shade, Pei-Pei Kelman & Kevin Pearce) will contact you and verify […]
Our Rossmoor Winter 2021 Our Rossmoor – Winter 2021 - Our Winter 2021 issue of the Our Rossmoor magazine recognizes some of our amazing original owners and their families including stories from : Margrit Kendrick Belva Vukovich Bob Gillette Dorothy Stauch Susan Haggard Michele Fieldson Diane Rush Along with the original family stories we have Karen Gardner’s 2020 Our Rossmoor Fiction Contest entry, highlight some […]
Parading Senior | Ourrossmoor Rethinking Graduation - The viral pandemic of 2020 has caused overwhelming misery in the world, but a small piece of comfort was found on the streets of Rossmoor on a sunny day in late May. About 4,000 people participated in a senior graduation parade over a two-mile route, one of the most successful community efforts in Rossmoor’s history. […]
Our Rossmoor Summer 2020 Our Rossmoor – Summer 2020 - The Summer 2020 quarterly issue of Our Rossmoor recognizes the crazy and historic times we are living in during 2020. Additional articles in this issue include: Seniors on Parade – photos and stories from the Senior Parade in Rossmoor Rossmoor Home Fire impacts. Revisiting Home – the style and architecture of Rossmoor 2020 Fiction Writing […]
On The Ground In Rossmoor | Ourrossmoor Good News Amid The Chaos of Early 2020 - It is time again for home addresses to be painted on Rossmoor curbs, a free service that the Rossmoor Homeowners Association has provided for the entire community for decades. No government agency would do it and those numbers would not be there but for the RHA. It is one of our biggest budgeted items, something […]
Bill &Amp;Amp; Deanna Phillips Rossmoor Residents And Owners Of Play It Again Sports Bill and Deanna Phillips: Play It Again Sports - At their Friendsgiving dinner party in November, Bill and Deanna Phillips hosted ten Rossmoor families and during dinner asked them all what they were thankful for. “Everyone had a few words to say about friendships, kids growing up on our safe streets, and the uniqueness of our neighborhood,” Bill said. Deanna added, “I love that […]

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