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Vacation Checks

Vacation Checks can be arranged with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. These free-of-charge OCSD patrol checks of your home can help keep your home and property safe while you are away.

Ocsd Vacation Checks
Vacation Checks By The Ocsd

To arrange a Vacation Check, please complete this form and then email it to:


And before you go, please consider addressing the items on our “Before You Get Out of Town Checklist

    • Arrange a local (emergency) contact: A neighbor is best, but a very nearby friend or relative works too. You want someone who can frequently drive or walk by your home and pick up any flyers/junk on your front walk and generally look over your place. This person this needs to be able to physically respond to your home if needed. If they see something odd or out of place, they need to call the OCSD.  They should also have your contact information (where you are, your cell number, etc.), a way to get into your home (a key or door code is perfect.), and your travel itinerary.
    • Mail: Have your mail and deliveries been stopped?
    • Neighbor Awareness: Have you talked with your neighbors about being away? Are they keeping an eye on your home and picking up flyers or other items while you are away?
    • Vehicles: Make sure any vehicles parked outside are locked and there is nothing visible through the windows.


Safety Tips - Ocsd Does Vacation Checks
Safety Tip – Ocsd Does Vacation Checks


You can still contact the OCSD directly at 714.647.7000 if you have any questions.

To get a live non-emergency Sheriff’s Dispatcher, call 714.647.7000 and follow the prompts to get to the Dispatcher (currently 1 for English, 9 for dispatcher, and 1 for dispatcher).


Please Note: There are rare instances that the person you speak with in Dispatch is unfamiliar with Rossmoor. If they refer you to the Los Alamitos Police Department, assure them that it is the Sheriff’s Department that patrols all homes in Rossmoor, and your Vacation Check request should be taken by them.



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