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Vacation Checks

Vacation Checks can be arranged with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. These free-of-charge OCSD patrol checks of your home can help keep your home and property safe while you are away.

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Vacation Checks By The Ocsd

To arrange a Vacation Check, please email North County Operations here:


Please include the following in your email:

    • Contact: Your address and contact information (include your mobile phone number and email)
    • Travel: Your date/time of departure and date/time of expected return
    • Emergency Contact: Provide the name and mobile phone number of your emergency contact in the event you cannot be contacted. Ideally, this person would be able to physically respond  to your home if needed.
    • Key and Code Access: Provide the name and phone number of someone with a key or the code to your door.

Things that can be included in the email to the department in addition to the above-required information

    • Mail: Have your mail and deliveries been stopped?
    • Neighbor Awareness: Have you talked with your neighbors about being away? Are they keeping an eye on your home and picking up flyers or other items while you are away?
    • Vehicles: How many cars are there? In the driveway? On the street? Provide make/model/color and plate numbers.
    • Services/Visits: Is anyone expected to be on the premises while you are away? Housekeeper? Gardener? Pool service? Friends or relatives? If so, provide days and times.
    • Lighting: Are there any lights on? If so, which rooms do you have exterior lighting? Are they on a timer? What are your timer schedules?
    • Gates: Are any gates unlocked? Which one(s)? Where are they on the property? (east/west/north/south side or left or right side as you face the property). If you have an unlocked side gate, you may ask for a deputy to walk the property, including the backyard

      Safety Tips - Ocsd Does Vacation Checks
      Safety Tip – Ocsd Does Vacation Checks


You can still contact the OCSD directly at 714.647.7000 if you have any questions.

To get a live non-emergency Sheriff’s Dispatcher, call 714.647.7000 and follow the prompts to get to the Dispatcher (currently 1 for English, 9 for dispatcher, and 1 for dispatcher).

When you connect with the dispatcher, say you would like to request a Vacation Check. You will be asked to provide information to assist deputies in doing patrol checks of your home while you are away.

Please Note: There are rare instances that the person you speak with in Dispatch is unfamiliar with Rossmoor. If they refer you to the Los Alamitos Police Department, assure them that it is the Sheriff’s Department that patrols all homes in Rossmoor, and your Vacation Check request should be taken by them.



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