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Rossmoor Homeowners Association Neighborhood Watch, Bringing Neighbors Together Since 1982
Neighborhood Watch, Bringing Neighbors Together Since 1982

Did you know that Rossmoor is 1.52 square miles with over 3,750 households, 10,500 residents, 78 streets, and more than 225 blocks?

We need your help to keep Rossmoor safe. Join Rossmoor’s Neighborhood Watch Program. Your participation in the program helps Rossmoor stay safe by broadening the number of active residents and businesses in the program and all you need to do to discourage crime is be observant and report suspicious or criminal activity to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at 714.647.7000.

How do I become a block member?

Block members contribute by expanding the coverage of the Neighborhood Watch network. The more residents who participate in the program and are observant about their surroundings and neighborhood, the safer the community is. All you need to do is complete the block member form and you will be added to the Neighborhood Watch network. Your information will be securely transmitted to the RHA Neighborhood Watch Committee, and we will be in touch with you and give you the information for your block.

How do I become a block captain?

New block captains are always needed and the duties take only a few minutes a week once your block is set up. Responsibilities include initially recruiting new block members and then forwarding weekly reports and announcements from the Neighborhood Watch Committee to your block members.

What do I need to do as a block captain?

There are five easy steps to set up your block watch and everything you need is provided by the Neighborhood Watch Committee:

  1. Review and Personalize Introductory Program Letter: Once you approve the letter, copies will be provided to you for block distribution.
  2. Meet Block Neighbors: Visit your block neighbors to discuss the Neighborhood Watch program, distribute the introductory program letter and participation form, and invite neighbors to join the program. If your neighbor is unavailable at the time of your visit, you may either leave materials on your neighbor’s doorstep or send information to them via US mail.
  3. Follow-Up: Visit neighbors who were not available during your initial visit to encourage participation. Repeat follow-up visits, as needed, to increase block participation.
  4. Participant Sign-Up: Complete the participant sign-up form based on returned participation forms. Return the form to the RHA Neighborhood Watch Chair.
  5. Create Email Distribution Group: Enter each block participant’s email address into your computer and create a Neighborhood Watch group email distribution list so weekly crime report forwarding is easy.

After your block is set up, you will receive weekly Neighborhood Watch crime reports or special alerts. The weekly reports are typically provided mid-week. All you need to do is forward the report to your block members weekly.

When you join Rossmoor’s Neighborhood Watch Block Captain team, your information will be securely transmitted to the RHA Neighborhood Watch Committee who will then contact you.


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