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RHA Past Presidents

Rossmoor Homeowners Association - Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957
Rossmoor Homeowners Association – Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association was organized in 1957 to preserve, protect and enhance the quality of life in Rossmoor including building community relationships. Through the years since the RHA has been served by hundreds of people who care about their homes and the Rossmoor community. We recognize those men and women who have served as RHA President and salute all RHA members past, present, and future.

 Term    President
2021-PresentArt Remnet
2018-2021Ralph Vartabedian
2016-2018Bev Houghton
2014-2016Mark Nitikman
2012-2014Gary Stewart
2009-2012Milt Houghton
2008-2009Richard Niemeyer
2007-2008 Bill Gekler
2004-2007Eric Christensen
2002-2004Phil Wyels
2002Mike Sanders
2002Mike Davis
2002Alfred Colletta
2001-2002Ken Munson
2000-2001Russ Lightcap
1997-2000Erwin Anisman
1996-1997Russ Lightcap
1995-1996 Tom Fitzgerald
1991-1995Shirley Bailey
1989-1991Del Clark
1988-1989Duane Mahlen
1987-1988Rich DeAugustinis
1986-1987Paul Erskine
1985-1986Robert Meeker
1982-1985Gustave Brickman
1981-1982Milton McMenamin
1979-1981Sean Boylan
1977-1979Roy Erickson
1975-1977Ray Krinsky
1973-1975Paul Straede
1971-1973John Hunt
1970-1971Elwyn Dyer
1969-1970James Gates
1967-1969Vincent Celano
1966-1967Garner Hull
1965-1966Lori Patelsky
1964-1965John Heuer
1963-1964Paul Erskine
1962-1963Vance Shepherd
1961-1962Garland Stephens
1960-1961Arthur Miller
1959-1960Malcolm Lucas
1958-1959Leo Goodman-Malmuth


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