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Who is My Block Captain?

Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch - Crime Prevention Is A Community Effort - See Something - Say Something
Crime Prevention Is A Community Effort
See Something, Say Something

An effective Neighborhood Watch program keeps Rossmoor a safe community for our families, friends, and neighbors.

Rossmoor’s Neighborhood Watch program is completely voluntary, but only those who sign up will receive our Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch updates, warnings, etc., via email (or other distribution system for participants without email access).

So, who is my block captain?

Use the contact form below and the RHA Neighborhood Watch Team will get back with you on who the Block Captain is for your block.

Thank you so much in your interest in keeping Rossmoor a safe and secure neighborhood.

Dorothy Fitzgerald
Rossmoor Homeowners Association
Member, Board of Directors
Chair, Neighborhood Watch Committee

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