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Rossmoor Part Of Orange County CaIn July 2002, the Orange County Board of Supervisors adopted a Property Maintenance Ordinance to complement the County’s ongoing community revitalization efforts and enhance the quality of life in its unincorporated areas.  The purpose of the ordinance is to identify property maintenance standards, declare any property that is not maintained or is in such a condition as to be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the public to be a nuisance.  The ordinance also establishes procedures for the prosecution and abatement of the nuisance condition.  Examples of such nuisance conditions include structures with graffiti or broken windows and the presence of rubbish in view from public roads and right-of-ways.  The County’s code enforcement office is responsible for responding to complaints alleging violations of the Property Maintenance Ordinance.  Complaints can be filed anonymously on the County’s toll free-code enforcement hotline at (866) 552-8120 or via the County’s Neighborhood Preservation website.

You can review the current County of Orange Property Maintenance Ordinances here.

Parking of Boats and RV’s and Other Items on Streets

Here’s a summary of the County codes regarding parking on streets:

  • 72 hour law – No vehicle may be parked on a County street for more than 72 hours at a time.  This code section is enforced by the OCSD and violations can be reported by calling  714-647-7000 
  • Unattached trailers, boats, or non-motorized vehicles, regardless of length or width, may not be parked on the street, except to load or unload, and then only for 2 hours.  This code section is enforced by the OCSD and violations can be reported by calling  714-647-7000 
  • 25 foot law* – No motor vehicle longer than 25 feet may park on the street, except while loading and unloading.  This code section is enforced by the OCSD and violations can be reported by calling  714-647-7000 
  • Portable Basketball hoops, skateboard ramps and other portable sports devices are not to be placed on county roads (Rossmoor  streets) without permit from OC Road Department. These items are subject to tickets by OC Code Enforcement and confiscation for repeated failure to remove.

* Note that motorized vehicles with trailers or boats attached often exceed 25 feet in length.  Besides being illegal, these situations often present a potential hazard since they may block a view of the street, particularly when nearby residents are entering or exiting their driveways.


2 Responses

  1. I would like to know how close a private vehicle can park to a driveway entrance of a private residence?

    Residents of the condominiums on the Seal Beach side of Montecito frequently park in front of my house and commonly park right up to the side slope of the driveway apron. This makes it very difficult to establish a line of sight up or down the street when departing my driveway and I have had many close calls to having a traffic accident.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

    1. Hi Dale and thanks for posting your question.

      If you feel your driveway is being encroached upon by parked vehicles, feel free to call the OC Sheriff’s Department at 714.647.7000 and let the deputy know why it’s an issue. They can issue a citation if there is an infraction.

      What Does the California Vehicle Code say?
      A person shall not stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle whether attended or unattended, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a peace officer or official traffic control device, in any of the following places:

    2. (a) Within an intersection, except adjacent to curbs as may be permitted by local ordinance.
      (b) On a crosswalk, except that a bus engaged as a common carrier or a taxicab may stop in an unmarked crosswalk to load or unload passengers when authorized by the legislative body of a city pursuant to an ordinance.
      (c) Between a safety zone and the adjacent right-hand curb or within the area between the zone and the curb as may be indicated by a sign or red paint on the curb, which sign or paint was erected or placed by local authorities pursuant to an ordinance.
      (d) Within 15 feet of the driveway entrance to a fire station. This subdivision does not apply to any vehicle owned or operated by a fire department and clearly marked as a fire department vehicle.
      (e)(1) In front of a public or private driveway, except that a bus engaged as a common carrier, schoolbus, or a taxicab may stop to load or unload passengers when authorized by local authorities pursuant to an ordinance.

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