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Our Rossmoor Graduation Parade – A Community Celebration!

The annual Rossmoor Graduation Parade – A Community Celebration   is is hosted and managed by the dedicated Graduation Parade Team of the Rossmoor Homeowners Association. 

It’s a fun and entertaining parade that touches every section of Rossmoor and passes by each of the four schools and our parks in the process. 

Since schools and education have always been and continue to be a primary focus of the Rossmoor residents, the Rossmoor Graduation Parade just makes good sense. It allows everyone to celebrate and salute our graduating class of students along the low traffic residential streets of Rossmoor. 

The parade route is lined with hundreds of spectators who come out to watch the between 150 and 200 vehicles with more than 500 students that join in the parade. It’s a fun spectacle that has become a “rite of passage” for our area seniors. While the majority of graduates are from Los Al, we normally see graduates from area private and specialty schools along with home schooled students who join in the celebration as well.

The parade is made possible by our sponsors and members. Anyone can join our Association, so if you are not yet a member, please do join and support our activities like the Graduation Parade. Join Today!

If you are a graduating family and would like the latest information on this year’s parade or to register to be a part of it, please check out our current registration page.

Rossmoor Rha Graduation Celebration Parade
Rossmoor Graduation Parade -
A Community Celebration!

Parade Articles

Parade Perspective from The Griffin Gazette

The 2024 Rossmoor Graduation Parade was a dazzling display of school spirit, joy, and a touch of nostalgia, as recounted by Los Al Griffin Gazette writers Ella Suos and Katie Arnoult. Imagine a sea of graduates in their caps and gowns, cruising through Rossmoor in decked-out cars, all set to

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Rossmoor'S 2024 Graduation Celebration Parade

Rossmoor Graduation Parade – 2024

As we head full speed into the  graduation season, we’d like to share your celebration moments with the community too.  The Class of 2024 is a special class of students – just like all past and future classes are. Every Class faces their share of challenges and victories, along with

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Rossmoor'S 2024 Graduation Celebration Parade Map

Join us Curbside….

This Saturday between 10 and noon the area graduates will be touring Rossmoor as part of our Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade. We invite you to join us in cheering our graduates on and into their futures. Grab a spot along the route – the schools and parks have the most

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Rossmoor'S 2024 Graduation Celebration Parade

Graduation Celebration Parade Registration Open!

Registration for the 5th Annual Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade is now open.

The Parade will happen Saturday, June 1st and high school graduates from the greater Rossmoor area are welcome to register and attend the event. All vehicles wishing to participate must register on the registration page. There will be no exceptions.

Registration is free and we do accept contributions from both participants and area residents to help offset the parade permitting costs. The registration deadline is noon on Thursday, MAy 30th. Register here today.

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2023 Rossmoor Graduation Parade – Amazing!

What a terrific day! Our 4th Annual Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade was a great success. Thanks to countless volunteers, the Shops at Rossmoor, and the graduates themselves, this was another amazing event. There were 161 student vehicles registered with 713 participants in the vehicles. When you add in the police

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Our Grand Dame - Parade Grand Marshall Georglyn Seligman

What a Parade!

The 2022 RHA Rossmoor Graduation Parade was amazing. We had more than 200 vehicles and 850 participants (yes fewer vehicles than last year and more participants) on the procession and hundreds of friends and neighbors lined the streets along the parade route. While there were a few unplanned detours along

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2022 Our Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade

2022 Graduation Celebration Parade

Registration is open for the 2022 Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade. If you are a graduating high school student from any high school and live in the area, come join us on Saturday, June 4th for an exciting parade through Rossmoor. Vehicle registration is required and free. The registration deadline is

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2021 Graduation Celebration Parade Recap

Graduation Parade Recap… The 2021 Graduation Celebration Parade was a lot of fun for the grads, the LAHS administration, the onlookers, and the families that attended. Of course, the vehicles came in every shape and size. He saw Corvettes, a Thing, VW Vans that harken back to the ’60s, a

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Class Of 2021 Congrats From The Rossmoor

Graduation Celebration 2021

As the Rossmoor Graduation Celebration Parade approaches graduation excitement is taking over the neighborhood. Of course, the high school grads will deservedly get most of the attention. And still, we have promotions in many grades and those transitions from 8th to 9th, 5th to 6th, and K to 1st are

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Class Of 2021 Congrats From The Rossmoor

Calling All 2021 Seniors

All your hard work over the past 12+ years has paid off and you are graduating! Yes, this day seems like it took forever to get here, and in fact, it did. And you made it! Congratulations. To celebrate your accomplishments, the Rossmoor Community is hosting a Graduation Celebration Parade

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2020 Graduation Celebration Parade

Wow!! Just wow. The 2020 Graduation Celebration Parade was a smashing success. 550+ vehicles cruised a 4.5-mile parade route through Rossmoor in celebration of the Class of 2020. With the 2,150 participants in the parade and more than 2,000 spectators along the route, this was the longest and most attended

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2020 Rossmoor Senior Graduation Celebration


      CALLING ALL LAHS SENIORS! Class of 2020 – Graduation Car Parade – Presented by Rossmoor Homeowners Association The City of Los Alamitos, OC Sheriff’s Department, OC Fire Authority, Los Alamitos School Unified District Leadership and Staff- including Superintendent Andrew Pulver, and the Rossmoor Community Services District invite

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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