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Access and Functional Needs in a Disaster – What you NEED to Know!

Cal OesHere’s a good run down from the State’s Office Of Emergency Resources on access and functional needs. It’s not just the elderly, but the injured, hearing impaired, those who have low vision or are blind, and the list goes on.

If you, someone in your household, or one of your neighbors have some level of access and or functional needs, you will want to take the additional planning steps outlined in the videos below so that your needs are taken care of in an emergency or disaster situation. This advanced planning could make the difference in how well you survive one of these major events. The time is now.

Are you prepared?

Do you have a plan? If not then let’s make one so you have a four deep resource list of who to contact in an emergency.

Plan for the good the bad and the ugly…

Access and Functional Needs in a Disaster – What you NEED to Know!


ShakeOut for Older Adults – why drop and hold may not be for everyone.


Access & Functional Needs ShakeOut for People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

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