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The Rossmoor Homeowners Association - Email ConnectionsRossmoor Connections – Email Connect Direct To Your Inbox about events and happenings in and around our Rossmoor Community that’s sent out about twice a week. It’s free and easy to sign up, so you too can be in the know about all good things Rossmoor.

Our emails, social media, mailings, and newsletters help to continue the unity in our community that Rossmoor has been known for since the first homeowners moved in way back in 1957 and created the Rossmoor Homeowners Association.

Subscribers include residents, business owners, and other neighbors who want to get the scoop on Rossmoor events, activities, and discussions. It’s all about staying in touch.

If you want to be kept in the loop and discover a little more about Rossmoor, then you’ll want to sign up below and you are all set.

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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