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Security Tips – Stay Safe Rossmoor


Stay Safe Rossmoor - If You See Something Say Something - Call The Ocsd - 714.647.7000
Stay Safe Rossmoor – If You See Something, Say Something – Call The Ocsd – 714.647.7000

What is Stay Safe OC?

Stay Safe OC is a partnership between the Orange County Sheriffs Department (OCSD) and the communities they serve to reduce crime by encouraging citizen involvement in preserving safe communities.

What is Stay Safe Rossmoor?

Stay Safe Rossmoor starts with each resident adopting safety routines and being aware of their surroundings. With greater resident safety participation, the overall security of Rossmoor increases. As a Rossmoor resident, you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime or accident by learning how you and your family can be safe in your home, on the road or around the community.

Where do I start?

Be Connected

Reach out your neighbors, get to know them, and work together to watch your block for anything that is different or out of the ordinary. When you or your neighbors are away, help each other. Watch over each other’s properties – pick up flyers, newspapers or other items and look out for any unusual activity.

Be Smart

    • Vehicles: Being smart means locking your vehicle doors, keeping your windows rolled up, and not keeping valuables in the car – especially in sight.
    • Home: Being smart means locking your doors and closing your garage door, even if you are leaving for just a minute, locking the gate access to your back yard, and locking your house windows.

Be Observant

Be aware of unusual or suspicious activities on your street and around the neighborhood like slow moving vehicles that seem out of place, people sitting in parked or stopped cars, things that seem odd or out of place. Your primary responsibility is for your house (please register here to let us know you are with us) and your immediate neighbors (next door and across the street) and then your block. If you see anything that’s suspicious, call the OCSD at 714.647.7000 – and if you see what you think may be a crime in progress, call 911.

We are all in this together and there is strength numbers. It’s up to all of us to be safe, observant and report suspicious things.

Where can I find additional safety information?

The OCSD, Rossmoor Community Services District and other websites provide the following safety information:

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