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Rossmoor Quarterly Sheriff Activity Reports

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What information does the Rossmoor Quarterly Activity Report contain?

The data for the quarterly crime reports are compiled by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department based on service records kept by the Sheriff. The quarterly report includes a summary of offenses by month for the quarter.

What information does the Rossmoor Annual Activity Report contain?

Annual reports are typically provided at the beginning of the year for the prior year and include yearly comparisons by month and offense along with a 5-year data comparison.

Our Part in Crime Prevention

We have to do our part to discourage and prevent crime by being the eyes and ears of law enforcement. We do that when we call the OC Sheriff’s Department (714.647.7000) any time you see anything out of the ordinary or call 911 if there is any kind of an emergency.

Below are the most recent Rossmoor Quarterly Sheriff Activity Reports:


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