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Get Ready Team

Are You Ready? Let The Rha Em Prep Team Help You!

The Our Rossmoor Get Ready Team works to bring the Rossmoor community together to be better prepared to help each other in the event of a disaster or other emergency. We help to educate and prepare our community by sponsoring and organizing events and providing resources  for you.

Meet & Greets / Block By Block

The Our Rossmoor Get Ready Team helps blocks in Rossmoor to organize and better equip themselves for any emergency or disaster. Knowing that first responder help can be days away in a major disaster event, we are assisting blocks throughout Rossmoor to organize and share information and resources so they can cooperatively better survive the first 72 hours following a disaster event. Please contact us using the form below if you are interested in knowing more about our Meet & Greet program or would like to include your block our program so you and your family will be better prepared to survive a disaster.

Team Meetings

The Our Rossmoor Get Ready Team meets on an as needed basis to cover topics of interest and educate Rossmoor area residents.

If you would like to find out more or just ask a question, please contact us using the form below.

Want to be informed about the EmPrep events in Rossmoor?  Just complete the form below, and we will include you on our Emergency Prep email list.

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Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors help us to fund the programs and events that we put on for you, our neighbors. As a community group, we depend on your membership and our sponsors for our budget.

Please support our sponsors and thank them for supporting Rossmoor and the RHA

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