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Wimbleton Holds NW Gathering

Ocsd Captain Patella Talks With A Recent Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch GatheringThe terrific people on Wimbleton and the surrounding area added themselves to the list of group that have held Neighborhood Watch (NW) Gatherings.

Thanks so much to Block Captain Sherry for hosting and arranging the event – and to all those who stopped by to hear an update from OCSD Captain Patella and get some questions about coverage, e-bikes, and recent events in Rossmoor.

One of the main messages is that if you see something that’s odd, or raises the hair on your neck, call the OCSD at 714-647-7000 (press 1 for English and 9 for dispatch) and tell them. A deputy will be dispatched based on urgency (if it’s a crime or you’re in danger call 911) and check things out for you. Keep Rossmoor safe, call the OCSD – they are asking you to. Help them help us.


The terrific crew from OCFA Engine 2 out of Los Alamitos also joined the gathering. We heard about how to be more prepared for emergencies, how valuable attending a local CERT Training is for residents (more on that here), and learned about coverage in Rossmoor.

Neighborhood Watch Gathering Wimbleton 2023 1 | Ourrossmoor

It was a great afternoon and many of the neighbors hung around for some food and beverages while they caught up and got to know each other a little better.







 Hold a NW Gathering For Your Block?Neighborhood Watch Gathering Wimbleton 2023 10 | Ourrossmoor

If you or your block think you might want like to schedule a NW gathering, please reach out to us and we will get you the details and answer any of your questions. Contact us here or reply to this email.

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