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Why not start a garden now?

Mastergardener | OurrossmoorIt’s easy to learn about selecting the best vegetable or piece of fruit from the store for mealtime preparations. Growing your own yard edibles (yes, fruits and vegetables) have a learning curve too, but it’s not as hard as it looks.

Why not start a garden now?

Start small with one or two different plants and start to learn the tricks to creating yard-to-table menu items. Personally, tomato plants are hardy and can survive (and even thrive) despite a lot of novice purple-thumb gardener’s inconsistencies.

You will be surprised at how different homegrown food can taste, and how easy it can be – with a bit of help from gardeners who know what they are doing. UC Master Gardening programs (also mentioned in this article) are a tremendous resource. The Orange County Master Gardeners offer free classes scheduled nearly year-round that explore how to create drought-tolerant gardens/yeards to the best types of vegetables to grow here locally. It’s an amazing resource. Both online and in-person classes are offered.

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