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Where Does It Go?

Oc Waste &Amp; Recycling

We don’t know about you, but as simple as some like it to sound, it’s not easy.

When it comes to your waste disposal, what EXACTLY goes where? The Our Rossmoor Team reached out to OCWaste & Recycling and found this nifty site to help guide our disposables into the right bins, buckets, trucks, or whatever.
The menu on the left side of the page also has the same info in a downloadable document for those who like doing things with a “real book” to flip thru – download it if you must, but if you can, use it digitally to save paper. The guide also has helpful links for locally disposing of things that can’t or need not be put in residential bins
One of our admins really geeks out when talking trash, so expect to see more of these posts, over the upcoming months. In fact, the .pdf is a real “find” for those of us who like details and complete info.
Where Does It Go? Ourrossmoor Talks Trash &Amp; Recycling
Where Does It Go? Ourrossmoor Talks Trash &Amp; Recycling

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