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Where Do You Use Your Water?

Hey Rossmoor - We Have A Drought Going On - Please Conserve!
Hey Rossmoor – We Have A Drought Going On – Please Conserve!

We all know where we are going to end up…Rossmoor is committed to conserving water during this drought period, and forming sustainable habits, moving forward. This is the destination. Even if we’d like to protest it, we know it’s the right thing to do for our world.

Yet in order to know where we are going,  it’s always good to know where we are. Here is a water calculator that generalizes how water much water we use in our daily patterns.
Start here for a glimpse of how your lifestyle habits influence the water you use. Don’t worry or compare – never worry, but we will build ways to improve, if necessary. It’s a starting point.
Interesting to note: Landscaping watering consumes approximately 60% of household usage. We think you will actually be surprised at how much you already do right — and that deserves a high-five. Go see how you’re doing.

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