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What a Parade!

Our Grand Dame - Parade Grand Marshall Georglyn Seligman
Our Grand Dame – Parade Grand Marshall Georglyn Seligman

The 2022 RHA Rossmoor Graduation Parade was amazing. We had more than 200 vehicles and 850 participants (yes fewer vehicles than last year and more participants) on the procession and hundreds of friends and neighbors lined the streets along the parade route. While there were a few unplanned detours along the way, the feedback from the (soon-to-be) graduates was amazing.

Our Grand Marshall was Rossmoor’s very own Georglyn Seligman who has done so much for Rossmoor in her more than 50 years of residency here. Among the many organizations and people she has served, she has worked for decades with Rossmoor Scout Troop 658, the Rossmoor Women’s Club, and of course has been a long-standing Director for the RHA. 

Thanks to everyone who helped the RHA make the 2022 Rossmoor Graduation Parade a success. We especially want to thank Southland Credit Union, Laird Real Estate, the County Board of Supervisors, and our neighbors and participants who contributed to the event for making it financially possible.

And no event of this size happens without our volunteers. The group led by Jo Shade, Marian Last, and Art Remnet included Renee Schwartz, Frank Facey, Gary Stewart, Kelly Laird Smith, Rachael DeMarco, Jody Roubanis, and a host of others that made the day so special for our graduates.

It truly does take a big community team. Thank you all!

Here are the photos we have received so far from the event. If you have some photos or videos that you’ve not shared, please upload them here.

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