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Welcome Back to School!

Each August our schools start their new year. Along with the new patterns and schedules, there is the excitement of new beginnings for both the students and their families. What often gets missed in the newness are the teachers and staff who support the learning environments we call our schools, every single day. 

We are in the process of making our annual visit to each of our Rossmoor schools to welcome these good folks back to campus with a “grab and go” lunch featuring sandwiches from Nick’s in Los Alamitos, chips, and water. Is this a life-changing event? Not in the least. It just allows us to say “HI, and thank you for doing all that you do for our children.”

We are lucky to have the schools here in Rossmoor. Ask a local real estate agent if you want to know why having schools in Rossmoor is important. The schools were designed into the tract from the beginning with some brilliant insight and planning. Thank you, Mr. Cortese.

Next time you walk, ride or drive past one of the four schools in Rossmoor, pause a second to think just how much time, love, and effort goes into each campus. Take a breath, and a moment to say, Thank You! 

Rha Welcomes Back Teachers &Amp; Staff 2022
Rha Welcomes Back Teachers &Amp; Staff 2022
Rha Welcomes Back Teachers &Amp; Staff 2022

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