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Water Safety Program – Huge Success!

Saturday morning the Rossmoor CSD played host to the passion project of RHA Director Lindsey Ludwig and her husband Darren Grosch, Rossmoor’s 2nd Annual Water Safety event at Rush Auditorium.  who knew in less than an hour, there could be so much great information presented?

With an audience of just over 50 community residents, Darren, Watersafe Swim School, Seal Beach Marine Safety, the Orange County Fire Authority, and Girl Scout Troop 3089 took the time to present in different ways the most important things you can do to prevent the tragedy of drowning:

  1. Know how to swim
  2. Have barriers around your pool (locking doors, fence, alarms, etc.)
  3. Learn CPR 
  4. Do Something – take action, even if you don’t know what to do
2024 Water Safety Awareness Workshop 3 | Ourrossmoor
2024 05 18 10.29.14 | Ourrossmoor
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After Darren shared their family story of near tragedy, Matt Corb from Seal Beach Marine Safety shared about beach safety focusing on:

  • Know how to swim
  • Always swim near an open lifeguard tower.
  • Talk with the lifeguards about current conditions before your swim.
  • Rip currents, what they look like and what to do if you’re in one
  • Use the Stingray Shuffle to avoid getting a painful sting
  • Know Your Limits – don’t give into peer pressure. Swim where you are safe.


Next up was Watersafe Swim School Instructor Kalynne who shared the importance of learning how to swim at an early age as the best way to be water safe.

2024 05 18 10.44.31 | Ourrossmoor
2024 05 18 10.50.11 | Ourrossmoor

Following WaterSafe’s quick presentation, OCFA Chief Covey sadly shared about a recent 3 year old drowning that could have been prevented and some safety tips for your backyard pool:

  • Know how to swim (and teach your kids as early as possible)
  • Always have a sober adult as lifeguard – the only thing they are doing. Have shifts if needed, but 100% focus on the pool when “on duty”
  • Have barriers (fences) and alarms for your pool. Kids are quick & it takes no time for them to silently go under and drown. 
  • Drain safety – be careful with long hair around drains and pool intake locations. Hair can get pulled into the intake and hold you under.
  • Learn CPR – It’s easy to learn and can save a life and prevent a tragedy.

The Girls Scouts then took turns reviewing the main safety points that had been covered: 

  • Learn To Swim
  • Never Swim Alone
  • Have Barriers
  • Learn CPR

The girls then moved into the exciting raffle where prizes from Watersafe Swim School and ABC Pool Supplies were awarded to attendees.

2024 05 18 10.55.12 | Ourrossmoor

Following the raffle, Marc Woodward shared how important starting CPR is in those first few minutes before help arrives and invited everyone to join him in learning Hands Only CPR.

After the presentations, a number of groups provided fun and educational opportunities including:

  • Marc Woodward with a hands only CPR demonstration with practice devices for the audience to try their skills.
  • OCFA’s Elizabeth Denney shared water safety tips, and cool give aways including color changing  pencils!
  • Matt Corb form Seal Beach Marine Safety shared the features and supplies from the SB Lifeguard truck along with some beach safety tips.
  • ABC Pool Supplies who sprang for the yummy donuts, refreshments and raffle prizes. Thank you!
  • Falck Ambulance Services had a popular show ‘n tell with one of their ambulance units.
  • OCFA Engine 2 and crew from Los Alamitos Station 2 giving engine tours.
  • Foamy Fun put on the always popular “foam bath” for the kids
  • The Youth Center Team provided crafts, drawing, and balloon art throughout the event.

The big surprise of the day was the “foamy bath” suds on the grass that the kids loved playing in. 

It was a terrific day. A HUGE Thank You to Lindsey and Darren who pulled everything together for the event. 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a super successful event for our community. For additional information on water safety, please contact the OCFA (714-573-6000) and visit their website here

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