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OC Walk & Bike Workshop

The County of Orange is developing an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) that will establish a vision and a roadmap for the implementation of pedestrian and bicyclist facilities within the County’s unincorporated communities and along County-owned flood control channels. By planning a safe and convenient active transportation network, the plan’s goal is to connect more people with jobs, goods, services, and public transit networks without the use of a car, thereby improving public health, and reducing environmental impacts from vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Ocpw Planning Workshop #1

Here’s information and an invitation for the next steps to participate in OC Public Works Active Transportation Planning Workshops.

Also, there is a link to an interactive map, where residents can note areas of particular concern for bike riders and pedestrians in our community. We are the eyes and ears – and this is an easy way to become involved – please share your insights here. 

The RHA will be monitoring and/or participating in the January 25th workshop, and we invite any interested residents to register for the online session, as well. Remember, as an Unincorporated Community, WE – the residents play a big part in shaping our future. Become a (more)informed citizen, sharing our privilege and rights of participatory governance.

Development of this plan is funded in part by the FY 2020-21 Caltrans Sustainable Transportation Planning Grant Program.

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