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Vacation Checks – A Smart Step Before You Head Out-Of-Town

Vacation Checks can be arranged with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. These free-of-charge OCSD patrol checks of your home can help keep your home and property safe while you are away.

Safety Tips - Ocsd Does Vacation Checks
Safety Tips – Ocsd Does Vacation Checks

The best way to arrange a Vacation Check with the OCSD is to complete this form and email it to the address shown in the form instructions.

You can also contact the OCSD Dispatcher directly at 714.647.7000. and follow the prompts to get to the Dispatcher (currently 1 for English, 9 for dispatcher, and 1 for dispatcher). When you connect with the dispatcher, say that you would like to request a Vacation Check. You will be asked to provide information to assist the dispatcher in doing the patrol check of your home. (HINT: they will be completing the form mentioned above, so you know what you will be asked)

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