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Today Starts Our Summer of Savings...

 …. Saving Water, Saving Money!

There is no secret that California is in a state of unprecedented drought – some areas of the state more than others. Last March, Governor Newsom requested that every household voluntarily reduce water usage by 15% (Stage One), yet by all accounts, this has not happened. 

So each water company in the state is now faced with setting allocations per household that reduce water residential usage by 20% based on 2020 usage rates

For those residences not meeting these targets, there will be a surcharge assessed on your water bill (Stage Two). In the event that California does not meet these projected savings or that ongoing drought conditions worsen, there are provisions for the state to require water companies to help see us through the drought, including additional water usage restrictions, reduced cutback allotments, delivery flow restrictions, and/or increased surcharges (up through Stage Six).

Hey Rossmoor - We Have A Drought Going On - Please Conserve!
Hey Rossmoor - We Have A Drought Going On - Please Conserve!

The RHA is teaming up with you, our neighbors, and residents to help Golden State Water Company (GSWC), Rossmoor’s water service provider, and their other partners to meet our community goals to reduce water.  Together, the RHA will share our best info on ways to save you both water and money, as well as let you know about the many, many ways that GSWC and their network are working to help us succeed, including:

  • Virtual training opportunities
  • GSWC consultations to help fine-tune your efforts
  • Available rebates on products designed to help save water.

This is truly a win/win opportunity. While the situation is near-dire, the solutions are not. Steady, yet consistent efforts, committed to improving is what we are all after.

Stage 2 Water Restrictions In Place

Beginning this week (6/26), we are starting with the basics –

  1. Help everyone understand their personal water usage, and how to monitor it
  2. How to read your water bill.
  3. How to connect online with GSWC, should you want to access your historical usage records, pay your bills online, or communicate with GSWC via the internet for quicker responses.
  4. FAQ’s to answer any specific concerns – like can you (or how can you) appeal your household allotment or my bill seems outrageously high – can GSWC help you identify water leaks. Spoiler alert: YES….GSWC can and does help with these, and other issues – we’ll address those things also.

Later, we will explore the concepts around how your water-saving efforts connect to the bigger picture, and the long-term benefits to our world in making these changes and awareness’s a permanent part of our way of life. Making informed choices about water – how we choose to save and/or modify our habits leads to meaningful improvements, that can and will extend our quality of life for generations.

Join us in being exemplary – that is what we in Rossmoor are known for.

Don’t worry about the details today – we’re taking things slow. Big changes are merely small steps, connected together. We’re here to help.

Take a look at the Water Conservation Hub page for a preview of what’s to come.

Some of what is posted there may seem confusing or out of context without having all the pieces rolled out. It will get clearer upcoming days and weeks.

We will be continually updating the Water Conservation Hub Page (bookmarking it may be a good idea) to reflect new information on the water programs, things you may want to know about (ask us here), and with the ideas we glean from having conversations with you in our Rossmoor Community Engagement Facebook Group.

It'S A Drought - Level Up Your Thinking And Save Water, Today And Every Day.
Proudly Serving Rossmoor Residents Since 1957

We encourage you to share this information. It is being coordinated and distributed by the RHA but it is for everyone…not just RHA members.

However, in being Rossmoor’s original community group, we encourage anyone and everyone to support us through membership.

Our services are provided through the donated time and funding of volunteers (your neighbors) and generous community sponsors and partners. We cannot thank them enough for making these great things possible for you.

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