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The Importance of Street Sweeping

We’ve talked a lot about contaminants on the roadways that get swept into our storm channels and how our street sweepers scrub and vacuum the pollutants off of our roads, to help keep our oceans clean.

Here’s the next part: Most of us think that the particles (pollutants) that remain aren’t getting washed into the ocean because there is no rain in our gutters to wash them away.

Nope. In the non-rainy months, the particles mostly get carried away by landscaping water that is not absorbed into our yards — it has to drain somewhere, right?

Small adjustments to your landscaping practices can lead to big changes in the ways that contaminants travel into our oceans.

2023 Sweeper Parking Enforcement Begins | Ourrossmoor

Our CSD has informed us that enforcement of street sweeping parking violations will begin again in August 2023. Move your vehicles!

Did You Know?

Runoff from 53 cities drain into the San Gabriel River, including our community’s. Let’s be part of the solution by being a community that drains LESS!

What You Can Do

We all like saving money and water. Follow these steps to prevent overwatering and help our waterways thrive:

    1. Adjust sprinklers to ensure they’re only watering landscaped areas instead of the sidewalk or street.
    2. Let nature do the work and skip watering your lawn 48 hours before and after rain.
    3. Check your irrigation system regularly for leaks and repair them immediately.
 For more information see the resources at H2OC

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