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Cello Landyn Lorenz | OurrossmoorFor the past 37 years, The Youth Center has provided music education at all 6 elementary schools in the Los Alamitos Unified School District. With limited District funding for the arts, The Youth Center has been diligent through the years, filling the music education gap and providing local students a learning experience that far exceeds the basic elements of music.

Many local families have chosen to live in the Los Alamitos, Seal Beach, and Rossmoor area because of the School District’s exemplary track record of academic performance. Local parents want the best for their children when it comes to their mental, physical and intellectual well-being. This is especially true during the elementary school years, as kids are learning and growing into the individuals they will one day become when they are on their own. Every parent wants their child to be fully prepared for that day, and music plays an important role in their development.

The Youth Center - Transforming Children’s Lives One Family At A Time

The Youth Center’s Music Academy recognizes the benefits of teaching music at a young age, providing children with a well-rounded education. Working in harmony with other subjects and areas of study, The Youth Center’s music program helps children grow in areas of self-esteem, mental wellness, and academic performance, preparing them for a bright future.

“Some of the benefits of our individualized music curriculum include building confidence and creativity, discipline and patience, faster learning, enhanced academic performance, language reinforcement, improved memory, strengthened hand-eye coordination, math and reading improvement, better study habits, and teamwork,” said Lina Lumme, CEO of The Youth Center.

Students of The Youth Center’s Music Academy enjoy affordably priced, individualized instruction, that meets each young musician where they are. Students get to choose their instruments and have opportunities to perform and receive certificates of achievement.

Find out more information about The Youth Center’s Music Academy here.

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