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Thank You Supervisor Foley & RCSD

Katrina Foley, Supervisor, Orange County District 2

Last week RCSD General Manager Joe Mendoza and RCSD President Jeff Barke visited with our new Supervisor Katrina Foley. During their visit they brought up the sales tax issue that we discussed in our article One more Reason to Live in “Rossmoor”  back in January.

From Supervisor Foley: 

Last week, I met with the Community Services Director and learned Rossmoor residents were being taxed at the higher Los Alamitos tax rate. I researched this issue and want to report that Rossmoor residents should not be taxed at the same rate.

The City of Los Alamitos new sales tax should only be imposed in the City’s jurisdictional boundaries and should not be charged on sales made in unincorporated areas.  The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration has a website which allows users to look up a tax rate by address: https://gis.cdtfa.ca.gov/public/maps/TaxRates/

Using this website, you’ll see that 12081 Chaucer Rd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, which is in unincorporated Rossmoor, lists a 7.75% total sales tax rate. However, 11122 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, which is in the City of Los Alamitos, lists a 9.25 percent total sales tax rate.

Thank you Supervisor Foley for clarifying the state sales tax regulations and thanks to Joe and Jeff for bringing up the concern.

There is a possibility of some online retailers charging the wrong sales tax rate. As has been noted by several Rossmoor residents, their auto lease payments have increased because of this mistake which occurs most often when one zip code contains multiple taxing districts as noted in the California Tax Buyers Guide (CA Publication 452).

I’ve Been Charged Too Much Tax – Now What?

Here are the steps recommended back in January and have recently worked when residents have been over charged:

  • First and foremost, use Rossmoor as your billing and shipping address. This at least denotes that you live in Rossmoor and not in Los Alamitos. Rossmoor is your legal address.
  • Second, watch the tax amounts you are charged. The tax rate should be 7.75%. After the first of the year, if you find you are being charged 9.25% or any other rate above 7.75%, then you should notify the seller of their incorrect sales tax rates and request a refund or correction.
  • Third, contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration at 800.400.7115 and let them know about the incorrect taxes being charged and by whom. State staff should work with you and the company to resolve the problem.


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