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Thank You OCPW

Oc Public Works - Fixing Gutters In Rossmoor So The Water Flows...
Oc Public Works – Fixing Gutters In Rossmoor So The Water Flows…

Another story that’s not glamorous. But hard work never is.

Our OC Public Works Department reads and responds to our comments and concerns when we make them. You can call their offices and speak to a person, but the very best way to let them know is by going through their web portal here.
This is our OCPW fixing things, this week. A resident took a few pictures of the standing water (bad for our storm drains and mosquito abatement efforts) in front of his home, and sent the images into the County, with the location and a message about the issue via their portal (accessible from here: OurRossmoor.com/myoc).
While we hate maneuvering around construction, we LOVE seeing our tax dollars working for us and having our streets and services functioning the way we have come to expect them in our community.
You can always contact the county at myeOCservices.com, but the RHA makes it even easier for you.
— Just remember OurRossmoor.com …..then add a slash /  and type myoc. (Like this: OurRossmoor.com/myoc). All of our website links follow the same patterns and naming conventions.
We at ourrossmoor.com always try to make technology easier, so that just like riding a bike — once you learn, you never forget. And you don’t have to build the bike — just ride it. You’re welcome.
Rossmoorians - Report Standing Water To Oc Public Works
Rossmoorians – Please Report Standing Water To Oc Public Works
As with everything in OurRossmoor, if you see something, say something. Better Together.

Some additional In Progress images….



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