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Thank You NW Block Captains!

Rossmoor Homeowners Association Neighborhood Watch, Bringing Neighbors Together Since 1982
Rossmoor Neighborhood Watch, Bringing Neighbors Together Since 1982

Our Neighborhood Watch Captains are the RHA’s silent community communicators.

While the National Neighborhood Watch Program began in 1972, Rossmoor’s relatively new community informally watched out for each other – without assistance.

By 1980 the RHA, using National program materials and working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Dept., formed the RHA Burglary Prevention Committee. This committee was Rossmoor’s predecessor to our formal relationship with the National Neighborhood Watch Program, joining together as a National Neighborhood Watch community in 1982.
The National program continues to adapt and evolve to meet the changing lifestyles of community members, and we are thrilled that it is so customizable to each local program’s needs.
Our 100+ Block Captains mostly communicate through our digital networks (email, social media groups, pages, and applications) so that important information gets to individual households nearly immediately. They also serve as facilitators for their immediate neighbor’s needs carrying information back TO us, helping us customize and be especially relevant to the social and demographic needs, specific to your smaller communities.

Rossmoor Homeowners Association Neighborhood Watch, Bringing Neighbors Together Since 1982

Some Block Captains arrange social get-togethers while others simply facilitate and disseminate information – they choose their levels of involvement since they know their neighbors better than anyone and well, they are neighborly. We even have Block Captains whose primary involvement with their neighbors is to keep the email and phone number lists with each other current (this is really helpful for those times that UPS notifies you by email that they just delivered a package and you won’t be home until the weekend ‘ “hey neighbor, would you go next door and grab my delivery – thanks!”

Our longstanding relationship with our Orange County Board of Supervisors continues to be affirmed, most notably with them sharing in the cost of installing updated Neighborhood Watch signage in our community in 2018- alerting anyone intruding from outside Rossmoor, that we are actively and continually cooperating with law enforcement to make Rossmoor Safer.
If you know your Block Captain, remember to thank them for us. If you don’t, reach out we can let you know if your particular block has one of your neighbors volunteering on your behalf. And if you are one of those people who likes to be “in the know” and at the top of the communications channel”, we have plenty of room at the top to add Block Captains, so think about reaching out to serve.
For more information on our Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact us here

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