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Sweeping Reminder Signs

Give A Girl A Break - Move Your Car!
Give A Girl A Break – Move Your Car!

Due to popular demand and regulations, the Orange County Public Works Department will begin installing no parking signs on streets throughout Rossmoor.

The hopes are that these signs will help remind people which side of the street is being swept on which days. The reminder program should help everyone be much clearer about when they need to move their vehicles (and waste carts) from the street.

The signs will begin to appear the week of October 17th and will eventually become part of every block in the tract.

It’s Not About the signs, It’s About the Environment

Remember, that it’s not about the signs or the parking ticket you may get for ignoring them. It’s about our streets and the way they affect our environment.

Everyone plays a part in keeping our storm drains clear – just because you don’t see things in your gutter, doesn’t mean your street is clean!”

Keep our oceans (we drain to Seal Beach) clean. Our families (and fish) swim in them!

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