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Supervisorial Districts – Redistricting Proposals – 2021

Proposed Supervisorial Districts
Proposed Supervisorial Districts

[Updated: 11/16/2021]

The County of Orange has received eight (8) proposals for how to redraw the County Supervisorial Districts for the next 10 years. Redistricting is the regular process of adjusting the lines of voting districts, including Orange County’s Supervisorial Districts, in accordance with population shifts.  The redistricting process is done every 10 years for local, state, and federal governmental bodies by using updated Census data.

These proposed changes are based on the population information from the recently completed 2020 Census. The new district maps will be in effect for the June 7, 2022, Primary Election.

Here’s the revised set of maps and public comments (11/16/2021)

Generally speaking, any proposed plan that separates Rossmoor from either Los Alamitos or Seal Beach is not the best thing for Rossmoor. Our three communities share our beloved Los Alamitos School District, infrastructure, and commerce. In many ways, we move as one community. Fortunately, none of the currently proposed maps split us from our neighboring communities. 

We invite you to take a few minutes to review the maps and proposals on the site above and then submit your feedback to the county.

We need to use our voice as a community to speak up and be heard. 

If you would like to review the existing public comments or leave any comments yourself, you can do so here.

You can also submit comments using the county’s online form, or by sending an email to redistricting@ocgov.com


6 Responses

      1. I’m a Rossmoor resident as well, who believes we need to have our community heard in this immediate and dire situation to stay in Orange County.

        Today, I filed the preliminary paperwork for the “Rossmoor PAC,” which would organize political effort to focus on ensuring the community is still part of Orange County.

        Los Alamitos has the advantage of a city council who can speak out (who I believe have done a great job recently), however Rossmoor does not. I feel for the immediate issue, a political action committee is the best solution.

        We are a bipartisan community, full of so many unique and amazing people who are proud to call it home, and proud to be the kind of community where almost everybody waves. We have things that can be improved upon in the future as well.

        1. Hi Mike.

          A point of clarification, we are not being annexed into Los Angeles County.

          We will not be subject to LA County rules, taxes, or school district decisions. That is not what redistricting is about.

          Redistricting is the every 10-year process, following the Constitutionally required population census of rebalancing our representative districts. Each of the representative districts we have (Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, County Supervisor, and Los Al School) are assessed for population changes and when shifts have occurred, the lines are redrawn.

          The latest map updates that I have seen actually change our Congressional district from the heavily focused Long Beach (Lowenthal CA-47) to a mostly Orange County District. At the State level (Senate & Assembly) the latest proposed maps no longer have us associated with Long Beach-centric districts. And for our Orange County Suprviseral District, we are grouped with mostly western Orange County cities including Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.

          So while forming another Rossmoor-centric PAC (political action committee) is perfectly okay, since all of the redistricting decisions will be completed by the end of December 2021, it may be too late to organize for this issue.

          I do agree with you that Rossmoor is an amazing and unique place to be which is why I’m involved with the Rossmoor Homeowners Association.

          All the best

  1. Need help understanding district changes, I looked up the information but could not discern what they are really saying. Also need information about protecting our area. Thank You for helping me understand.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cindy.

      There are a number of redistricting changes coming up. This happens every 10 years following the census to adjust for population shifts.

      The county supervisorial district boundaries may be better explained here If you have additional, more specific questions, please email me and I’ll try to share my understanding.

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