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Supervisor Do Visits Rossmoor

We had the best time with First District Supervisor Andrew Do when he came to visit us at our Rossmoor Certified Farmers Market.  And our small business vendors at our Farmers Market really felt the love from Rossmoor and our County.

These informal gatherings are super important for our small businesses.

After the Famers Market visit, Supervisor Do talked with Rossmoor residents for more than an hour and a half and covered topics like jurisdictional responsibilities, how he and the County have created programs that are positively impacting the County’s homeless population, the things that he has done and is doing for Rossmoor and how Rossmoor fits into the larger picture.

We want to thank the Supervisor and his wonderful staff for making this event happen, and the RCSD for opening up the auditorium for Coffee with the Supervisor.

We look forward to our next opportunity to talk with our “Mayor” Supervisor Andrew Do.

Andrew Do Visits Rossmoor October 2022
Oc First District Supervisor Andrew Do Addresses The Rossmoor Audience

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