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The Youth Center Christmas Tree Lot is an amazing place.

The energy and the scents make it feel like the holiday just walking in. Imagine you’re in a pine forest surrounded by the most fragrant trees and joy-filled people. That’s the Youth Center Tree Lot at Ganahl’s in Los Alamitos. Just go there for the experience. Of course if you haven’t yet picked out your tree, it’s right there. Are you looking for a 3-4 foot table top tree? Indeed, just as your walk through entrance. How about a 5-6 foot or 6-7 foot noble fur? Yep, they have them – at least for now. Trees are moving fast, just like the wreaths and garland. These are the very freshest trees. You can tell by following your nose.

Stop by today, or any day this week for your best selection. They are open until 9:00 each night. Oh, and get some holiday raffle tickets on your way out for your chance at over $7,000 in prizes – and you are supporting our local youth in the process – a real win-win.


UPDATE: Thanks The Youth Center for giving us a glimpse of your efforts. We stopped by your lot yesterday, and were immediately transported into the feels of the season. There is no mistaking pine scents in December for anything other than Christmas. There’s nothing like it.

Check out this video clip of the simi-truck being loaded at the Silverridge Farm in Oregon – It’s an amazing operation, conveyers, helicopters, hundreds of fresh cut trees, quickly and safely loaded and shipped to Ganahl Lumber in Los Al just so that you can have a super fresh tree for the holidays. Good deal? You bet.
And in case anyone wonders. This is one of the shipments. Some tree lots bring in trees for the season with one delivery. The Youth Center’s shipments are spaced out over the entire time, assuring us the freshest most beautiful trees around.

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