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Street Sweeping Update – Jan 2022

Rossmoor Street Sweeping Map - 2022
Rossmoor Street Sweeping Map – 2022 – Click The Map For More Detail

We had our first week of sweeping and as you’d expect there were some bumps in the road. Well in our case leaves and a lot of them.

This was like the perfect storm.

A new sweeping company learning new routes in a new community and training new drivers. Plus we had three weeks of wind and rain to knock many of the remaining leaves off our beautiful tree canopy and into the streets. And on top of all that, the last sweeping company did a less than inspired job of cleaning up during December.

Needless to say, there were a lot of leaves, more frequent need to dump the trucks. (Yes, the sweepers actually pick up the leaves and they fill up. Like your vacuum at home, they have to be emptied out and that makes for longer days, later sweeping times, and missed streets).

Joe Mendoza our General Manager at the RCSD has been taking your calls and emails and is working with Sunset Property Maintenance (our sweeping company) to smooth things out and is doing a great job at it. Thanks, Joe!

These things take time.

My goodness, it took almost a decade to get the sweeping ordinance changed.

Give them another month or two and we should be back into a regular routine. And we might have figured out where to park for the odd and even sweeping by then too.

Check out our calendar with the sweeping dates adjusted for the upcoming holiday schedules

2 Responses

  1. Why does the street sweeping company come down the opposite side of my Kensington Road at 8:30am yesterday but then doesn’t show up at all today to do the my side of our street? I moved my cars as requested but then no one shows to sweep the street?

    1. Hi Robert.

      Thanks for moving your vehicles. We really appreciate you doing that.

      Ahhh March! This is that month when things get out of whack. It happened in February and will happen again in November as well.

      The first of March was on Tuesday, which makes it the “first” Tuesday of the month. Therefore sweeping happened on that day. And on the 15th which was the 3rd Tuesday. The first Monday was March 7th and the third Monday was March 21st.

      So, yesterday was 3/21 and the sweepers swept as expected. Today is 3/22 and is the fourth Tuesday so no sweeping occurred, again as expected.

      We get so used to having the first Monday occur prior to the first Tuesday. And that’s what happened this week.

      Let me know if you have any questions.


      RHA Communications Team

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