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Street Sweeping Tickets Are Baaack…

NOTE: Effective January of 2022, the sweeping ordinance in Rossmoor changed from all streets on the first and third Mondays to the ODD side of the street on the first and third Monday and the EVEN side of the streets on the first and third Tuesday. The article below is no longer current and is preserved for historical reference only.

Please see details on the current street sweeping regulations here

Street Sweeper In Rossmoor

Last month, on the third Monday, the OC Sheriff’s Department was issuing citation for street sweeper violations. While enforcement has been at best spotty over the past number of years, street parking on the first and third Monday each month is prohibited in all of Rossmoor.
Street sweeping is a first line defense to battling mosquitoes and the West Nile Virus. Expect parking enforcement to continue.
Did you know there are 63 curb miles in Rossmoor?
 Street Sweeper No Parking Signs In Rossmoor Ca

There are and R.F Dickson sweeps all of it twice a month for us.  We just have to get out of their way and let them.  Generally the sweeper routes start in the north part of the tract and move south from there. If your street does not get swept, please call the RCSD (562.430.3707).

Please note, the RCSD does not have any control over parking citations. If you have any questions about a citation, please call the Orange County Sheriff’s office (714.527.9100)

11 Responses

  1. I didn’t know that you can get a ticket for parking your car in the street while the street sweeper is coming around. It is just like that with the snow plows. It is a smart to have these regulations so that they can keep the streets clean. I think it is a good idea to have this. Just make sure you set your calendars for these days.

    1. Great point Zach about snow plow regulations in other areas. I know the tract has had the no parking in place since at least the 1980’s and there are signs at every major entrance to the tract. First and third Mondays every month. The RHA tries to remind folks with the eNews emails and the RCSD puts up the big yellow signs on the walls at Wallingsford, Bradbury, and St. Cloud.

      You’re right though, it’s a calendar item for everyone.

  2. I’m all for keeping our streets cleaned, but no parking, all day, for both sides of the street is unreleasitic. I live in a 4 car household and none of us have 9 to 5 jobs. Are 2 of us supposed to just vacate our homes the whole day? It needs compromise, one side one week, the other side the next, or a smaller time frame. If you are able to move your car prior to the sweeper appearance, you should not receive a ticket, because it hasn’t prevented the job being done.

    1. Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, Rachael I agree with you on the ability to park on the street after the sweeper has passed. And the OCSD has generally worked with residents in that way.

      That said, they can still issue the ticket regardless. That’s the rule.

      As for opposite sides of the street, this has been discussed many times over the years. It comes down to the extra costs involved with sweeping on more days during the month and the visual clutter (and expense of) the new signs that would need to be posted on every street about every 150 feet.

      You can bring this up with the RCSD (Rossmoor Community Services District) as they manage the street sweeping contract for Rossmoor. They do not however have any influence over when and if parking tickets are issued.

  3. Anyone know where the signs are posted that list these days? I’ve lived here 2 months and haven’t noticed one. Got a ticket, it says “Street Sweeping: Posted No Parking.”

    1. Hi Vicki

      There is no parking on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month for street sweeping. Parking citations can be issued by the Sheriff’s Department or the California Highway Patrol. The parking regulation signs are posted at each entrance to the tract and have been deemed sufficient notification for the citations by the Orange County courts. At times no tickets are issued and during some periods, especially when mosquitoes are prevalent, enforcement is much more aggressive.

      The signs went up in the early- to mid-1980’s so they are nothing new for the neighborhood.No Parking on the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month

  4. I’ll be a 40-year Rossmoor homeowner this September 2018. In ALL those years people, including neighbors, have routinely ignored street sweeping days, and it appears the Sheriff can’t or won’t enforce unless they’re called; and when the dispatcher asks if it’s a neighbor’s car it doesn’t convey confidence. Especially when there are 2 or more vehicles per household. Calling the Sheriff can easily ignite a feud. Because there is no ‘automatic ticketing’, most ‘locals’ will assume their neighbor made the call.

    I called the Sheriff once, on a car that I saw the driver walk away from, and continue to walk out of the area. He ticketed. That was a few years ago. I feel strongly that we should not have to ‘initiate’ enforcement, it should be done routinely. Surely the revenue from (private enforcement) parking tickets could fund this.

  5. Often a service vehicle for much-needed appliance repair, plumbing emergency, or the like will come for a service call on street-sweeping day. Since they can’t even park on the other side of the street, what are we supposed to tell these people, who may well just be present for an hour or two and have nowhere to park but the street? I hope that ticketing agencies refrain from ticketing these workers who are usually responding to a serious household emergency which can’t wait for another day.

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