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Because Street Sweeping Help May Not Help At All


Please Don't Pile Leaves In Our Streets - Plies Slow Street Sweeping When The Leaf Fall Is Heaviest.
Please Don’T Pile Leaves Up In Our Streets

Street sweeping is always a colorful topic in Rossmoor. This is especially true at this time of year when fall is almost gone, and winter is upon us.

Here in Rossmoor, our heavy leaf fall is typically from late November through January. Especially during this time, there are many more leaves in the street. Which means a lot more work to complete the street sweeping process.

Street Sweeping Help

There’s a temptation to “help” and sweep up the leaves into piles for the sweeper. When a street sweeper hits a pile of leaves a resident has left behind, street sweepers can clog up and be unable to collect anything more.

Also, when a sweeper operator sees a pile of leaves up ahead they are trained to go around the pile in order to prevent the machine from clogging. We know that’s frustrating for residents…and we don’t want you to experience that.

Safety is also a concern, as it creates a hazard for street sweepers to drive through piles of leaves. If there are rocks or other items in the pile that are not visible, they may fly out and cause damage to cars or even nearby house windows.

How you can help

Please resist the temptation to sweep all those leaves together in piles in the street. Instead, allow the street sweeper to do their normal job. It may take more than one week to get all the leaves. Or, if the sweepers have time, they will try to make two passes on a street in one day to get as many leaves as possible.

If you do sweep up the leaves, put them in your green waste recycling bins. That’s the best and fastest way to clean your yard and street.

Pick up tree limbs or branches that have fallen and place them in your green waste bin. Sweepers have to go around branches larger than about the size of half a person’s arm length. For large branches or those you can’t place in your own green waste bin, call the RCSD at 562-430-3707.

When street sweepers run late

Also, during this heavy sweeping season, it’s possible that the sweepers may be running late for the time slot on your street.

If it is possible for you to not park on the street, it will be appreciated and will make for the cleanest possible sweep of your street.

The 2023 Rossmoor Street Sweeping Schedule and additional information can be found here

With any questions or concerns about street sweeping please contact the RCSD at 562-430-3707 or send your observations to the RCSD from here: OurRossmoor.com/sso


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