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Speeder of the Month: October

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A USPS postal truck (not the specific vehicle shown left) zoomed down Harrisburg Road on Sunday, October 3 when the RHA’s speed patrol clocked it at 33 mph.   The truck pulled over to the curb to make a package delivery and then took off again at well above the posted 25 mph limit.

To be sure, 33 mph is not a drastic speeder, since some vehicles have been clocked at 45 mph and CHP has been known in the past to issue tickets at over 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. But it is still fast enough to make an impression.  Like many of the speeders in Rossmoor, this one obviously is not a Rossmoor resident vehicle, like vendors, delivery vehicles, gardeners, and other government vehicles that ignore the law. Nobody gets to hire the USPS but when it comes to the people who work at your home, plumbers, gardeners or others, it seems reasonable to tell them you expect them to obey the speed limits, whether you live on a street posted at 25 mph or 35 mph.  If they want your business, they should treat the community with respect.

The Los Alamitos Unified School District also needs to inform its employees and the parents of children at the four elementary schools that it is important as visitors to our community that they respect speed limits. Harrisburg residents have long complained about speeders who use their street as access to the north and east ends of the tract.

Vehicles often enter Rossmoor on Wallingsford, speed up to Harrisburg, and then continue with their foot heavy on the gas pedal along Harrisburg. Just minutes after the postal vehicle left, a large dark grey Dodge pickup blasted down Wallingsford at 43 mph. The results of careless driving were seen on Harrisburg recently when on September 2 a tan-colored SUV sideswiped a parked vehicle and then turned over on its roof. It was a miracle that nobody was seriously injured.  Nobody’s schedule or their urge to put the pedal to the metal is more important than the community’s safety and its tranquility.


The RHA has a program to take our own speed measurements with a radar speed gun. We are no longer reliant on the county or the state to tell us whether we have a speeding problem or how bad the problem is. RHA can not be everywhere, but we are committed to identifying the worst speeding hotspots and trying to raise awareness of the problem. Please send us your views and ideas for making this program work better. If you think your street has a speeding problem and would like to have RHA use its radar gun on your street, contact RHA’s traffic committee using the form below.




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