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Speeder of the Month: August

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A Toyota Tundra pickup (not the specific vehicle shown left) thundered down Hedwig Road July 29 when the RHA’s speed patrol clocked it at 35 mph.  The truck swung around Rossmoor Park, a major pedestrian area along a curved street with many parked vehicles that restrict visibility of the road ahead. Nobody’s schedule or their urge to put the pedal to the metal is more important than the community’s safety and its tranquility.


The RHA has a new program to take our own speed measurements with a radar speed gun. We are no longer reliant on the county or the state to tell us whether we have a speeding problem or how bad the problem is. RHA can not be everywhere, but we are committed to identifying the worst speeding hotspots and trying to raise awareness of the problem. Please send us your views and ideas for making this program work better. If you think your street has a speeding problem and would like to have RHA use its radar gun on your street, contact RHA’s traffic committee using the form below.




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