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Speeds In Rossmoor

Speed in Rossmoor

Like many in communities in southern California, Rossmoor residents and visitors seem to always be in a hurry….

And like most Rossmoor residents, both the CHP and the OCSD want to keep our kids safe and prevent accidents. There three main causes of  vehicle accidents and injuries in Rossmoor: speeds in excess of the 25 m.p.h. limit,  failing to stop at stop signs, and likely the most frequent issue: distracted driving.

This is why enforcement specifically targets distracted driving. Remember, using your phone while driving (hands free or not) can be considered a distraction if your are not driving safely (think full stops, 25 mph speed limit, safe curb departures, etc.). An now that distracted driving is considered a moving violation (points on your record, potential insurance rate increase), it’s even more important to put down the phone.

Be safe. Be alert.

“The speed limit on most Rossmoor streets is 25 MPH”

While driving over 25 MPH is easy to do in today’s quiet luxury cars, it’s still the speed limit. And the limit reduces to 15 MPH when moving through one of the many uncontrolled intersections here in the tract. These aren’t some arbitrary limits that the RHA is stating. These are state law. And for good reason, lower speeds allow drivers to avoid running into other vehicles and more importantly, hitting pedestrians. 

25 Mph Is The Speed Limit On Most Rossmoor Streets


From time to time, people ask why do we have the CHP doing the traffic enforcement and the OC Sheriff’s Department policing the property and personal crimes here in Rossmoor. It’s a fair question to ask. That too is state law for unincorporated areas. 

And that “unincorporated area” statement answers why while both Los Alamitos and Seal Beach Police Departments will assist the OCSD and CHP, they do not patrol Rossmoor streets on a regular basis: Because we are not incorporated into either city. 

Can they write tickets in Rossmoor? Absolutely – and they do. But it’s not in their patrol area or responsibility.

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