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Shakespeare is Back in 2024! Save The Dates!

So excited! Great choice of productions #SBTS!

 Here’s the thing, though. Last we checked, Rossmoor’s Community Service District has not committed any money in the budget to fund their performances in our park. Yes, our residents are generous and we always give, but in case you didn’t know, Shakespeare by the Sea was founded (and patterned after) Shakespeare in the Park, in NYC, as a way to bring the Arts to everyone, regardless of income.
It is free to us, because of generous sponsors who supplement their efforts. SBTS would love to put all of their time into their craft, yet they are dedicated and do what they can to keep this philanthropic effort alive. Here’s a link to their latest update.
Shakespeare By The Sea Presents Shakespeare'S Henry Iv &Amp; Cardenio At Rush Park In Rossmoor July 5 &Amp; 6, 2024

Shakespeare By The Sea Presents Shakespeare’s Henry Iv & Cardenio At Rush Park In Rossmoor July 5 & 6, 2024

Historically, a Rossmoor resident and patron funded the plays in Rossmoor by funding a grant through the OC Arts Council for the first 5-years of Rossmoor performances. After that generous grant ran out, our CSD agreed to contribute a few thousand dollars each year to help offset the production costs. Unfortunately, over the last few years the CSD has chosen to not financially support the SBTS productions.
Our CSD’s $2 million dollar annual budget is mostly funded by tax allocations from our homes, so (in essence), it is our money, too.
Please contact your Community Service District, and ask them to contribute funding to this summer event that will be held on July 5th & 6th in Rush Park. 
The CSD will be making mid-year budget adjustments over the next couple of weeks, to readjust their 2023-2024 budget. They will be discussing and deciding during their MARCH BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING on March 12th. These adjustments determine how they will allocate the money between now and the end of the year, and SBST needs the money NOW, while they are building sets, designing costumes, and obtaining any permits that are needed.
Also, ask the the CSD to plan for next year, securing next year’s events by funding them in next years budget. Every year we hope and hold our breath, along with SBTS, not knowing what the future holds – it doesn’t have to be this way.
SBTS has choices on where to perform — they happen to LOVE Rossmoor, so they have given us grace, on the shortfall they have worked to make up. We thank them, and are working to show them the LOVE, in return.
And although we LOVE our summer festivals and the entertainment, there is more to Rossmoor than community cover bands, movies in the park,  and food trucks. We can have it all…
…and to have it all, we do need to ask the CSD Directors who guide the District for the residents – that’s why we elect them, right?

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