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Shake Out

ShakeOut - Rossmoor gets preparedAs Southern California residents, we have all heard that the “Big One” is coming. So many times in fact, it’s like the boy who cried wolf. We just don’t hear it anymore.  It’s unfortunate, but it is the reality of life in SoCal.

It’s just like winning the lottery. We know we can win it. That’s why we buy the Lotto numbers and scratchers each week, right?

Oh wait, did you know there’s a better chance of the Big One occurring than you winning the lottery.

Does that mean you won’t win? Ever? Maybe you will win someday. And, if you think you may win the lottery some day, then maybe you should watch the videos below so your know better what to do, when the more-likely-than-you-winning-the-lottery earthquake does occur.

And always remember, staying calm, cool and collected during any emergency situation will serve you and your family best.

When you are in an empty room and an earthquake strikes, here’s what to do:


When you are in a room with a sturdy table or counter and an earthquake strikes, follow these steps:


If you are in a stadium or theater when an earthquake strikes, this is the safest way to respond:


If you are at the beach, here’s the recommended course of action




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