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School Starts at Weaver Wednesday 8/2, Other Schools Monday, 8/14

Our Rossmoor - Back To School
Our Rossmoor Alert: School Starts!

Can you believe it?

Summer break has come to an end and schools are starting up again this coming week.

That’s right Weaver Elementary School starts on Wednesday, August 2nd

And Rossmoor, Lee, and Hopkinson Schools kick into full gear on Monday, August 14th.

Long-time residents will remember that the first few weeks of school are a bit more chaotic than normal and definitely much busier than the weeks of summer. There are just a lot of new routines and patterns that have to be established again.

It’s all good Rossmoor – we’ve got this!

If you need to drive past one of our wonderful schools, especially during drop-off and pick-up times, please plan a little more time and expect some more congestion. Things will settle in again. They always do. It’s just the first few weeks of the school year. Plan a little extra time and drive with caution. 


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