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Ruth Elaine Pipeline Replacement Project

Golden State Water - Rossmoor Ruth Elaine Pipeline Replacement

Note: The following information was collected from Golden State Water Company in response to resident questions. We are sharing it here to help anyone with an interest to better understand the project and the process. Questions regarding the plan or schedule can be addressed to Golden State Water’s terrific customer service department: 800-999-4033  

In response to questions about the Golden State Water Company’s $3.2 million water line replacement project (the “Ruth Elaine Pipeline Replacement Project”) especially in light of the County’s recent resurfacing project done in Rossmoor.

The County has a moratorium on digging up newly paved or slurried streets for two years. Many of the streets in question (Ruth Elaine, Quail Run, Donnie Ann, Marth Ann, Wallingsford, etc.) were resurfaced in the first year of the County’s road maintenance plan for Rossmoor in early 2020.

The Golden State project started in May of this year (2022), just after the two-year hold. So, while the streets were “recently” redone, the project is within the scope of the rule. Otherwise, the County would not have issued the work permit. (Yes, this is 100% permitted work as the roads in Rossmoor are County Public Works maintained roads.)

The project is slated to run from May 2022 to March 2023 and will be done in phases. This first phase is to dig up the streets and place new PVC water delivery pipes under the street and put new meter boxes in the parkway of the homes closest to the delivery pipe. The street is then patched with a temporary asphalt surface.

The next phase is for the contractor to come back and “pothole” the street to run a new service line to the residents on the opposite side of the street. This line will be tunneled under the street so no new trench will be necessary during this process. A new meter box will be placed in the parkways in front of these residences as well. After the pothole process is completed, the street will again be patched.

The next phase is to put the actual meters into the new meter boxes and attach them to the new waterlines, replace the 25 hydrants within the work area, flush and pressure test the lines, and assure water quality is correct. This step too will be done in phases covering several weeks.

The next to last phase is to cut all 247 residents over to the new water lines and remove the old meters and meter boxes along with the old fire hydrants. (Yes, for a short time there will be two hydrants in many locations)

Once all the testing and inspections are complete and the new delivery lines are active, the GSW contractors will come back, remove 1 to 2 inches of roadway to a width of 3 to 4 feet from the curb and repave the street to County specifications.

In the end, these homes will have new water delivery lines and new fire hydrants along with a newly paved strip of roadway. While it would have been nice to have all this work done before the County repaved these streets, this seems like a well-thought-out and approved plan that has the County’s approval. And it is the County that has to maintain the streets in the long run.

Over the next decade, the rest of the waterline in Rossmoor will be replaced in a similar fashion. There is long planning, prioritization,  and approval process for these projects. At the present time, there is no planned timetable for these projects.

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