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Rossmoor Traffic & Speed Issues – February 2021

Rossmoor Speed Limit Is 25 Mph
Rossmoor Speed Limit Is 25 Mph

The Rossmoor Traffic Committee (RCSD (DeMarco/Barke), RHA (Vartabedian/Facey), LAUSD (Friedman) and two Rossmoor residents) has been working with the CHP, OC Public Works and OCSD to put a 3 E’s (Education, Engineering and Enforcement) plan together. Unfortunately, nothing moves fast enough when you want change today.

The Quick Way To Solve The Speed Issue?
Few want to admit that they could be part of the problem, but it’s statistically true: The majority of the speeders in Rossmoor live here.
So, while it’s easy to blame someone else for our speed issues and to complain about the lack of enforcement, etc. if you want to fix the speed issues here in Rossmoor, drive 25. Yes, you will piss off your neighbors that want to go faster. Yes it may take you a couple of minutes longer to get to where you are going. But, if you want a safer Rossmoor for the kids, yourself, or whatever other reason you have, be part of the solution and drive 25.
Responses to common questions/suggestions:

Who do I call it report speeding/unsafe traffic/distracted driving?

  • Please call Officer Matt Musselman at 714-892-4426 to share your concerns. The more information you share the better. Time of day, vehicle description, license plate, direction of traffic will all help in working to a solution.

Add speed bumps/humps to streets

Speed bumps and humps are not going to happen. Not now. Not ever according to OC Public Works. There are a number of reasons for this and the primary ones are:

    • Emergency vehicle response times/and damage
    • Roadway maintenance is more difficult/costly
    • In some cases, the bumps create water flow issues
    • Noise/neighbor complaints. If you have ever lived near a speed bump, you know exactly what this means. If you haven’t well, you are fortunate.
Adding Stops signs at various locations
  • Stop signs are only allowed if the traffic volume warrants it.
  • There are almost no streets in Rossmoor that meet the (state) thresholds for stop signs that do not already have signs.

We need Radar/Speed Trailers

  • The radar sign trailers are already being deployed. The plan is to have a combination of Public Works, OCSD and CHP signs on and off in various locations.
  • The RCSD may be able to purchase a radar trailer for the CHP to place within Rossmoor – details are still being worked out on this.
We need more speed limit signs/limits painted on street
  • There is a detailed report in progress on where the speed and other road signs are located within Rossmoor. Once the current signage is known, additional signs will be posted.
  • There is a possibility of including light up signs and fixed location radar speed signs, but the lighted sign may bother the residents near them. Additional research is needed before a solution is proposed.
We need more tickets/enforcement
  • There are additional tickets being issued. One last month was for 47MPH on Tigertail.  Part of the challenge with enforcement is the CHP is down officers due to COVID and freeways come first.
  • Expect to see more of a presence in Rossmoor as departments come back up to full strength.
  • Recognize it will never be enough to please everyone.
Progress to date
  • A fair number of stop signs in Rossmoor have been upsized from 30″ to 36″ along Montecito and Foster. More on the way.
  • Tree limbs have been trimmed for better sign visibility.
  • Reflective tape will be applied to Stop Sign poles to increase visibility.
  • The striping along St Cloud/Montecito/Orangewood will be reworked after the re-paving this summer to narrow the lanes to slow traffic.
  • Rossmoor sign inventory report in progress.

4 Responses

  1. Not ONE single speed limit sign on Martha Ann – in either direction!

    On Martha Ann between Bostonian & Mainway, vehicles travel at 35 to 50 mph & regularly not stop at stop sign at Bostonian & tailgating is out of control.

    No schools, no 4-way stops, no repercussions

    Law used to park on Martha Ann where all
    could see. Suggest: law park on St Albans facing Martha Ann where speeders cannot see ‘em in time to slow down

    Some are avoiding Katella & Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Blvd

    I offered to pay for legit road sign 25 mph & was told “we don’t do that”

    Where can I buy the “25 mph signs I have seen in parkways?

    1. Thanks for your comments Lana.

      The parkway signs are available for free from a number of locations, including from Sarah Irland (562-810-6785, sarah@irgproperties.net). Sarah will drop off a sign at your home.

      The Rossmoor Community Services District (RCSD) is working with the County on the speed signs and getting more in place.

      As for enforcement, please call the Westminster office of the CHP and share with them your observations including locations. They will be more responsive if there are a number of citizen “complaints.” Otherwise, the statistics (accidents, injuries, etc.) don’t support increased enforcement. The CHP, like most agencies, is statistic-driven. The way to overcome the statics is to file traffic complaints or reports so they can verify the enforcement issues. Their number is 714-892-4426

      1. Won’t narrowing the lanes on St. Cloud/Montecito/Orangewood create driving hazards given the amount of school buses and service/utility/delivery trucks that use this artery off Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Blvds. These vehicles typically straddle lanes when driving and stick out into the right lane when parked. I already had my legally parked SUV clipped on Montecito Rd in a hit and run by a school bus or truck, based on the damage done.

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