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Rossmoor Traffic Committee Update – January 2021

The Rossmoor Traffic Committee met at Rush Park on Thursday evening to discuss the traffic issues in Rossmoor and get some updates on where we are with possible solutions. Overall, the progress is nice to see.
The Committee is made up of two RCSD Directors (Tony DeMarco and Jeff Barke) two RHA Directors (Ralph Vartabedian and Frank Facey) a member of the Los Al Unified School District (Dr. Jerry Friedman LAUSD Director, Safety & Student Services) along with two Rossmoor residents.
Speed is still a big issue here in Rossmoor and there are a number of mitigation measures (increased signage, re-striping, etc.) being considered to help increase safety for our residents, especially our kids, and the drivers.

If speeding is an issue on your street, please call the
CHP: 714-892-4426 and let them know.

In addition to the mitigation measures, the schools, RHA and RCSD in conjunction with the CHP and OCSD will be working on education and enforcement in the coming months. Please watch your speed and generally slow down.
During the meeting, Joe Mendoza (RCSD General Manger) updated the committee and audience on a number of items including:
  • Which intersections have stop signs with limited visibility due to tree foliage (see below for a list)
  • New, larger (36″) stop signs have been installed along Montecito and Foster to improve visibility.
  • Planning is underway to place additional 25 MPH speed limit signs on busier streets
  •  Reflective strips will be placed on stop sign poles to increase visibility.
  • An inventory of non-reflective street signs is being taken so they can be replaced with newer, reflective versions. 

CHP & RCSD Check Stop Sign Visibility

The following locations were identified by California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officer Matt Musselman and RCSD staff as intersections where tree foliage is obscuring the 
stop signs: 
  1. Northbound Martha Ann Drive @ Mainway Drive 
  2. Southbound Foster Road @ Bostonian Drive 
  3. Southbound Foster Road @ Mainway Drive 
  4. Northbound Foster Road @ Mainway Drive 
  5. Westbound Tigertail Drive @ Foster Road 
  6. Southbound Montecito Road @ Bradbury Road 
  7. Eastbound Shakespeare Drive @ Foster Road 
Can'T See The Stop Sign
The Stop sign is there, but it's hard to see because of the tree - and that is without leaves.

RCSD staff is working closely with the CHP and the County to determine if the trees at these locations can be trimmed, or if they need to be removed. 

If you know of an intersection that has a difficult to see stop sign that is not list above, please let us know (link will open in a new page) the intersection and direction so the Rossmoor Traffic Committee can address the situation with the County. 

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