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Rossmoor Rocks! Answered Call For Help

Rossmoor Schools PTA Boards - You Rock 2022
Rossmoor Schools PTA Boards – You Rock 2022

When our Community Engagement Coordinator, Mary Ann, posted a “call for help” asking for volunteers to help with a project, she had unconditional acceptance from a number of givers in Rossmoor, who stepped up.

These thank you notes were hand-written, by community members (including parents who wisely saw an opportunity to model and share “volunteerism” in their homes.) Yes, some of the families turned the project into a household event, completing these tokens of appreciation with their children.
The RHA, on behalf of our members – yes you, wanted to present a tangible thank you to the selfless people who serve on the PTA Boards of Directors at our Rossmoor elementary schools. The PTA never asks for recognition, yet it is the countless number of hours that are the web of support every school counts on to add the personal touch. So this is YOU, thanking our PTAs for going beyond anything that is expected, to strengthen our families, teachers, and school staffers.
Working together, our Los Alamitos Unified School District, our Rossmoor schools our Rossmoor families, and the RHA – make being great look easy. It’s not the things we do – it’s just who we are!
Yes, living in Rossmoor is beyond nice, no doubt. And connecting, as a community, is what makes us great.
And on behalf of the RHA, our heartfelt thanks to all of you/us.

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