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Rossmoor History – Los Al TV Videos

The Video History of Los Alamitos was a 10-part series produced for Los Al TV in 1986. Parts 7 and 8 focused more on Rossmoor and the Los Alamitos School District (elementary schools) and are included below for your viewing pleasure.

These episodes highlight Rossmoor, which is symbiotically attached to Los Alamitos and vice versa no matter how much some claim otherwise. Guests are the founder and first publisher of the News-Enterprise Paul Erskine, (Erskine purchased the Rossmoor News from Ross Cortese in 1961 and a few years later purchased the Los Alamitos-Cypress Enterprise from Nowels Publications and then merged them to form the News-Enterprise.) and Henry Zack who was on the Los Alamitos Elementary School Board for a few years in the early 1960s. Your host is Myrt Perisho.

Rossmoor, part 1 (part 7 of the Los Alamitos series)

Rossmoor, part 2 (part 8 of the Los Alamitos series)

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