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Rossmoor CSD 2023-2024 Budget Information

Fy 2023-2024 Rossmoor Csd Budget InfoThis morning’s post in our Community Engagement group, about the 2023-2024 FY Rossmoor Community Services District budget hearings was confusing – because the way the CSD makes all information available to our community is confusing.

Perhaps, the CSD’s fiscal operations are available and complete, yet even the CSD’s Directors are confused and ask questions in public hearings that are met with confusion and non-definitive responses. It shouldn’t be that way.
This agenda packet of information from the Rossmoor Community Service District’s 2016-2017 budget hearings is an example of clarity and transparency. It was produced by then-manager James Ruth,  informing his board and community about the state of Rossmoor’s CSD finances. It includes a personal narrative, supported by actual budgetary documentation,  giving his rationales for why he is making specific requests to his Board of Directors. simultaneously, it provides accountability to the residents about how they used (and intended to use) the district’s money.
This document and associated support materials about fiduciary fiscal oversight clearly complied with the State of CA government code provisions for transparency and accountability, which can be found here.
There are also other constitutionally protected provisions related to finance and the public’s right to know about how their elected officials are using the public’s funds. This can be found within California’s code sections related to CA’s Public Records Act. 
These concepts and provisions cascade down from federal legislation that assures these same protective rights and more under the US Freedom of Information Act – nothing unreasonable, by any means.
Bringing this discussion down to our CSD’s level, Mr. Ruth’s agenda packet complies with provisions found within the Rossmoor CSD’s own guiding document, their Community Services District Policy Manual. Currently, there are at least 3 versions of this document on the district’s website and it is tough to tell if the most recently dated one,  is actually the current one.
If compliance with the law isn’t reason enough to have clear information, here’s the thing: this proposed FY 2023-2024 budget document, represents the entirety of information that is presented to the collective body of directors for deliberation and decision-making.
Professional and thorough research along with a clear presentation should be a cornerstone of expectation, to assure our directors have the best available information for making an informed vote, based on the General Manager’s requests.
To comply with provisions of the Brown Act, public hearings are the only venues for bringing all stakeholders together in one place, and when working properly, they are the true illustration of how a government comes together with its constituency, in a public forum for the benefit and protections of all.
Because It is the CSD Board’s duty to get answers to questions about how our CSD’s multi-million dollar budget is managed, there can be no disagreement that all information and detail can and should be available to them BEFORE they vote their approval or disapproval of issues that affect us all. It has been in the past, right?

From the CSD website:

From the State Controller’s Office:

From the County of Orange Controller’s Office

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