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Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bike Tour – 2016

First Ever Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bike Tour Attended by over 60 bicyclists!

Rossmoor Lights Bike Tour 2016We couldn’t have asked for better winter weather.  No gusty winds, no snow (well it’s Rossmoor), no blizzard storms knocking over penguin or snowmen displays.  All the stars lined up for the Inaugural Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bicycle Tour this past Sunday.

Using the Christmas Lights Hot Spots Map from the Rossmoor Homeowners Association website, we didn’t know how many people to expect to participate and check out lights together, as it’s never been done before.  Well, we were pleasantly surprised when at least 30 residents showed up with their bikes all decorated with colored lights at Rush Park.  Then at least another 30 people joined along the way.  A resident said it seemed like over 100 people were in a colorful nighttime bike parade.

The route stopped by many of the homes on the map and received cheers from the bicyclists.  Some of the favorites were the dinosaurs on Chianti Drive and the decorated lights on Wembley Road.  Greg and Gloria Miller road their bikes on the tour and said, “It was a great way to see the homes of families that put so much effort into the Christmas Celebration.  It was really fun to be part of a community event, especially hearing the kids laugh and seeing the families ride together.”

When we arrived at the Good Neighbor Award homes on Aceca Drive (the one with the dancing lights and music across both front lawns), the Herzog family had candy canes waiting for all the biking families.

Thanks again to all the Rossmoor homeowners who went to great lengths decorating for the season, and thanks to all the families who joined us on the 1st ever Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bike Tour.  Looks like we’ll definitely do it again next year, provided there are no blizzard conditions!

Story by Chris Marshall

Photo by Lynnette O’Bryan

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